• The Best Things to do in Asheville, NC in August
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    The 16 Best Things to do in Asheville in August

    Though the mountains always bring some relief during the evenings and nights, make no mistake: Asheville in August is a hot time! You’re likely to get all the benefits of Asheville in summer during this month: taking downtown strolls in your tank top and flip-flops, wading into creeks and splashing in swimming holes on trails and out by the Blue Ridge Parkway, and getting refreshed at one of the many breweries.  While everyone has a different best time to visit Asheville, you’ll find wonderful summer days and summer nights in town during this month. You won’t have to look far for many options for what to do in Asheville in…

  • The Best Museums in Asheville, North Carolina
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    From Art to Science: The 12 Best Museums in Asheville

    Imagine it’s a rainy day on your trip, or you’re a local with a history buff buddy coming into town. You might be wondering where to find the best museums in Asheville. While there are many world-class museums in big city centers like Charlotte and Raleigh, you shouldn’t discount the smaller museums: niche options can often be the best museums in North Carolina!  Right here in Western NC, we have some unique and fun options that will get you out of the rain, help you learn something, and have a lot of fun, too. Some museums are the right fit for a casual stroll with a friend or on a…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville in June
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    The 15 Best Things to do in Asheville in June

    I have to say, while there may not be one best time to visit Asheville, I could make the case that the month of June is one of the most fun and exciting times to see this city. Not only are the spring flowers hitting peak beauty and the gardens growing up full of vegetables and greenery, but the days are getting warm, making running through a sprinkler or going for a swim outdoors more appealing. At the same time, Asheville enjoys the beautiful mountain climate that brings a dip in temperatures at night, meaning that if you visit Asheville in summer, you can enjoy outdoor bonfires, stargazing, and other…

  • Best Historical Landmarks in Asheville, NC
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    12 Can’t-Miss Historic Landmarks in Asheville

    There are so many ways to experience Asheville! We have a fabulous farm-to-table food scene, the great outdoors, and an amazing health and arts-oriented culture. Also, Asheville has more breweries per capita than any other city in the United States (an average of 28.1 breweries per 100,000 residents and 100 local beers). You can come to Asheville and experience all of that or try different things on different visits. But Asheville also has a rich history.  Settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the land of the Cherokee Nation, Buncombe County was established in 1792 with a city called Morristown. It changed its name to Asheville in 1797, after North…

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    The 15 Best Things to do in Asheville in May

    I think of the best time to visit Asheville as, honestly, any time of year, but there is a lot to recommend visiting Asheville in May as the top-notch choice. Yes, October has the changing leaves, and summer has concerts and festivals, but there is something about seeing the mountains in all their spring glory. In May, the weather is still fairly mild, even during the day, and there are plenty of prime hiking days – it’s just a perfect combination!   Another great feature of visiting during the month of May is that, with nature waking up, downtown gets busier, and you’ll tend to find more things to do compared…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville in July
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    The 16 Best Things to do in Asheville in July

    When it comes to summer in North Carolina, I can think of a few wonderful spots: the Outer Banks are great if you’re in search of a great beach day, and there’s lots to do in Raleigh and Charlotte. The best spot, though, would have to be Asheville in July – you get all the fun of hot temperatures paired with mild evenings, and the beautiful backdrop of the mountains makes every day of fun and adventure incredibly picturesque.  While not everyone agrees on the best time to visit Asheville, you’re sure to find yourself in good company if you come to Asheville in summer. Plan both ways to enjoy…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville in April
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    The 17 Best Things to do in Asheville in April

    All of nature is waking up in and around Asheville in April: flowers are blooming, the river surges with lots of spring rain, and the wildlife that was a little more sparse during the winter is back out and about (people start talking about bear sightings again!).  April still gets its fair share of showers, but in general, activities that are seasonally open tend to come back to life after the winter, and you’ll find that the streets of downtown Asheville become much more lively and full of visitors.  Visiting Asheville in April offers a wonderful chance to take advantage of the temperate spring weather before the high season of…

  • The Best Ice Cream Shops in Asheville, North Carolina
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    Where to Find the Very Best Ice Cream in Asheville

    Whether it’s a hot day in the middle of summer or just a cozy night at home when you are craving something sweet, it’s always a good idea to know where to find the best ice cream in Asheville.  For one thing, visitors and locals alike enjoy taking family and friends out for a treat, and ice cream is a great option for enjoying a little of Asheville’s summer weather while also getting an affordable and tasty treat, capping off a great day of exploring the city or relaxing during an afternoon break.  Whether it’s cream-based traditional ice cream, milk-based gelato, or fruit-based sorbet, frozen treats are a great way…

  • What to do in Asheville, North Carolina in March
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    The 18 Best Things to do in Asheville in March

    The weather can do almost anything in Asheville in March, but that’s not a good reason to stay away! March is a wonderful time to experience the beauty of Asheville in spring while avoiding the influx of visitors during the peak tourism season. The city is waking up from a sleepy winter, and even if you end up here during a cold snap, you’ll find more than enough to warm your body and soul. On most days, however, you’ll get enough warmth to also explore downtown, enjoy the great outdoors, and get to know the friendly and fun atmosphere that makes this truly the best time to visit Asheville… though…

  • The Best Tours in Asheville, North Carolina
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    The 15 Fun and Unique Tours in Asheville, NC

    I love taking tours when I travel, and I take tours at home when I’m not traveling! Joining tours to explore where you live is like having a special date with a loved one to connect deeper and feel more appreciation each time.  I consider myself an independent traveler, but I always include a dose of locally operated tours and experiences offered by locals to further explore whatever excites me the most about the destination.  Asheville is a small city with a population of less than 100,000 – but it has a lot to offer! From its architectural gems and exciting farm-to-table food movement and beer scene to its epic…