• Best Playgrounds for Toddlers in Asheville, NC
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    The 16 Best Playgrounds in Asheville for Toddlers

    As a Mom of a very active toddler, I made it my mission to learn all of the best toddler playgrounds in Asheville very quickly. The city-run Asheville parks are great, and the area features some awesome things to do in Asheville with kids.  Moms know that there are features of a park that you might barely notice if you’re not coming to the park with a kid in tow, but which are absolute lifesavers. From the texture of the play area’s surface to the distance from the swings to the slide, these little things can help make a day at the park easier for little ones who aren’t yet…

  • Best Family-Friendly Activities in Asheville, NC
    Family Friendly

    13 Fun Things to do in Asheville with Kids

    Being from Argentina, a culture where kids are included everywhere, I wanted to find such a place in the United States. Asheville not only has lots of family-friendly things to do, but it’s also a very child-friendly town, offering some of the most important things any parent needs to raise a child and to have a fun family vacation: lots of outdoor time possibilities, yummy food, delicious desserts, and an engaging community. Kids are generally masters of living in the present, and when it comes to traveling, they set the rhythm. I’ve traveled with my kids, sometimes for extended periods of time, and I’ve loved rediscovering the world through their…

  • The Best Urban Parks in Asheville, NC
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    Explore the Outdoors at these 13 Beautiful Urban Parks in Asheville

    I love visiting local parks when I travel, and I love to spend time at a wide range of Asheville parks. Parks are great for pausing, breathing in all the newness when you’re away from home, and getting to know the local crowd. I’m a people person, and I’ve always got the best travel advice from talking to strangers!  When my kids were younger, I used to travel with a list of playgrounds and green areas to ensure our urban adventures were balanced with free running around time. I met some of my current mom-friends while our kids were playing in Mexico City, Madrid, and Asheville parks.  Our city has…

  • The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes Around Asheville, NC
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    13 Fun and Easy Family-Friendly Hikes Around Asheville

    I once read a quote about libraries being one of the few public spaces left in our society where you’re allowed to exist without the expectation of spending money, and we can say the same about nature. Two essential tools to raise a healthy kid are access to books and nature. The good news is that exploring the outdoors offers some of the best – if not the best – Asheville activities for kids!  Fortunately, there are kid-friendly hikes near Asheville for everyone, from big-city or local families looking forward to introducing themselves to hiking trails to adventures for more seasoned hikers. I’ve included a list of kid-friendly hikes near…

  • The Best Apple Orchards in Asheville, NC
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    Apple Picking in and Around Asheville: The Best Apple Orchards

    When autumn arrives in the mountains of North Carolina, one of the best opportunities for a fun time in nature is to explore Asheville’s apple-picking scene. Sure, you could just buy local apples at a farmers’ market, and believe me, I do that too, but the experience of trekking into the orchards, searching for the best apples, and filling up a box or two to bring home for apple pie, apple butter, and just eating straight cannot be beat!  The climate and soil make orchards near Asheville, NC, really incredible, though most are slightly closer to Hendersonville or farther out of the city rather than being apple picking in Asheville…