The Best Antique Shops in Asheville, NC
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The Thrill of the Hunt: The Best Antique Stores in Asheville

It’s one thing to look in a new furniture magazine and decide that you must have the whole ensemble – the room will look nice, but you didn’t get to exercise much of your creative design prowess. The real challenge is finding items piecemeal, the way people often do when shopping in antique stores. The thrill of visiting a bunch of shops in Asheville and picking out the one gem of a piece that will tie a room together really cannot be beat!

What’s even nicer is that many of the best antique stores in Asheville are easy to get to and full of treasures waiting for the right owner. When you and your friends are visiting town, use the opportunity to see some of the well-curated collections of antiques that are on sale at the many antique shops in Asheville, NC. You will leave inspired no matter what you end up buying! 

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17 Fun Antique Stores in Asheville, NC

1. Be Entertained as you Shop at The Regeneration Station

The Best Antique Shops in Asheville, NC: Regeneration Station

The owners of The Regeneration Station are resolved that antique shopping is going to be fun when they are involved. Their enormous (36,000-square-foot!) store offers a wide variety of thrift-store-style consignments – from clothing to furniture – that is diverted out of their junk removal company, Junk Recyclers. 

While, of course, many items recovered from junk removal won’t be treasures, they get a great first glance that allows them to both promote sustainability by keeping items out of landfills and bring those treasures to the showroom floor for enterprising customers. 

People comment on how clean and easy it is to navigate and the sheer quantity of great stuff, in addition to a positive customer service experience.

Location: 26 Glendale Ave B, Asheville

2. Shop 75 Vendors at the Antique Tobacco Barn

Favorite Antique Shops in Asheville: Antique Tobacco Barn
Images courtesy of Antique Tobacco Barn

If you’re only going to one spot, the Antique Tobacco Barn might be the right spot to hit. With 77,000 square feet of floor space and so many different antique dealers, you’re essentially going to the mall, but for antiques – so many people’s best finds start here!

They have a reputation for keeping prices fair, and the history of the building as a tobacco auction house is a fun and historic feature that makes many people feel like it really has the right character to be an antique store. 

As compared with a store with a single team of dealers, each little section of the Antique Tobacco Barn is going to be set up with a different aesthetic taste, meaning that if one of your family members is all about collectible dolls, but you’re looking for mid-century furniture, you both can leave happy having seen some of what you like. 

Some reviewers comment on the sheer variety and how it’s fun even when you’re not in the market for any particular item, as well as the top-notch variety of collectible items. Even better – there’s a mobile coffee cart inside the Tobacco Barn serving great espresso-based drinks!

Location: 75 Swannanoa River Road, Asheville

3. Outfit Your Home at ScreenDoor

While many antique shops in Asheville, NC, keep their focus wide, with all kinds of older objects available, ScreenDoor has zeroed in on home and garden accessories, and all 100 of their vendors are attuned to that goal. 

If you know that your home in Asheville or elsewhere really needs a few truly unique pieces to round out the design and look, this is a great place to go – since their styles are eclectic and you’re likely to find more than one item that fits any style of room. They even offer a little bookstore with home and garden books and more, all at discount prices. 

You never know what you’ll find here that can turn an ordinary backyard into a garden haven that feels truly unique. People comment in reviews that ScreenDoor does an exceptional job curating, making everything you see something valuable and lovely, and some of the most satisfied customers are those looking for design items for their flowerbeds and gardens. 

Location: 115 Fairview Road, Asheville

4. Find a Bit of Every Kind of Art at Marquee

Best Antique Stores in Asheville, NC: Marquee
Images courtesy of Maquee

Maybe you have a few friends who are on the fence about antique shopping but definitely want to see more of the local artistry that Asheville is so famous for. There’s an antique shop for that! 

Marquee is a marketplace that features various stalls for both original art and vintage and antique items, meaning that everyone can find an area of the store that they truly enjoy browsing. You’ll find handwoven rugs, jewelry, as well as well-curated antiques and craftwork where antique items have been “upcycled” and given more life. 

You can even get a drink or light snack while you shop – it’s very comfortable as an off-the-beaten-path date spot. Be aware that, at the time of writing, it was more art than antiques, but there’s no downside here – seeing some great art during your antique hunt is a win as well!

Location: 36 Foundy Street, Asheville

5. Bring Your Biltmore Inspiration to Village Antiques and Interiors

Must Visit Antique Store in Asheville: Village Antiques and Interiors
Images courtesy of Village Antiques and Interiors

Biltmore Village, the beautiful neighborhood near the Biltmore Estate, offers a lovely option for antique shopping at Village Antiques and Interiors. After seeing the care and attention given to keeping the Biltmore Estate beautiful during a trip there, you might just feel inspired to add some classy touches to your own home, and if so, head to Village Antiques and Interiors. 

Their finds are often the perfect way to add a touch of elegance, from artwork for the walls to stylish chandeliers. You’re likely to find antique maps, incredible wooden furniture, carvings, and many other items to either be the focal point or the helpful final touches to a beautiful room. 

You might even find a product that is beautiful for itself – the people behind the Village Antiques and Interiors have great insight into the value and history of their finds, and you’ll be well-served if you ask them to tell you more about a piece. 

Be aware that the items are often truly historic (some are even hundreds of years old!), so it doesn’t have a lot of bargain-hunter pieces, but when you want something that is truly a piece of history, this is the shop for it.

Location: 755 Biltmore Ave, Asheville

6. Stop and Browse at Lexington Park Antiques

Going to Lexington Park Antiques is one of my favorite ways to kill time if I get downtown a little early to meet folks for dinner or if I find myself with time downtown and no destination for half an hour or more. It’s so well located and the variety is so strong in the antique options available that you’re certain to find something to talk about if you stop in with a friend or on a date. 

The huge space feels a bit like a basement or attic, a treasure trove where you never quite know what you’ll find. Whether you’re in the mood to look at antique guitars, vintage tableware, a rotary phone for a play you’re putting on, or even collectible bobbleheads, you’ll find many treasures here. 

It’s a particularly good spot for unique decor items that can help you really spruce up your home for a given holiday! There are a lot of things at this shop, and the walkways can be a bit narrow, so they recommend checking large bags while you shop. If you’re traveling with a backpack, keep that in mind. 

This is one of my favorite stores to just get lost in for a while – it’s a bit more like shopping in someone’s fascinating attic than in a polished or fancy store.

Location: 65 W Walnut Street, Asheville

7. Find Something Special at Altamont Vintage, Collectibles, and Antiques

Also located in the Biltmore Antiques District, like Village Antiques and Interiors, Altamont Vintage, Collectibles, and Antiques gives homage to Thomas Wolfe’s pseudonym for Asheville from his book Look Homeward, Angel while also offering a wide variety of beautiful collectible and vintage items. 

They photograph some items and list them on their website, so you can always pre-shop if you know you’re looking for something specific. From beautifully carved sculptures and antique chinaware to a vintage gas tank, wall hangings, and signs, you’ll find an incredible variety of both general antiques and antiques that are connected to the history of Asheville, like signs from Biltmore’s own dairy farms! 

The inventory here, like all antique stores in Asheville, is always turning over, so stop in frequently to make sure that you don’t miss the treasure that would complete one of your own collections. 

Customers comment in reviews that it’s more than meets the eye when you drive up and that their collectibles are surprisingly extensive. They’re also known for fair pricing in an industry where many customers are on the hunt for bargains. 

Location: 120 Swannanoa River Road, Asheville

8. Find Antiques in South Asheville at Sweeten Creek Antiques and Collectibles

Where to Buy Antiques in Asheville: Sweeten Creek Antiques and Collectibles
Images courtesy of Sweeten Creek Antiques and Collectibles

Look for the building with the incredible rooster mural on the side and find the wonderful shopping destination on Sweeten Creek. This antique mall isn’t one store. Like other large antique stores in Asheville, it features 125 vendors and, therefore, a huge variety of stalls and styles of antiques, retro items, vintage clothing, and collectibles. 

Sweeten Creek Antiques and Collectibles points out that finding used items is a great way to give those items continued life and a sustainable alternative to buying new. The parking is easy, which is nice when contrasted with more bustling downtown Asheville shops. 

Come specifically for a variety of antique jewelry options, lots of books, historic memorabilia for those nostalgic about particular eras and moments in history, and even great lighting options when you want your home to truly reflect historic roots. 

Customers comment that there are rare finds here, things that even antique hunters don’t always find at Asheville shops. They also point out how well-lit, well-organized, and fun to shop it is!

Location: 115 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville

9. Have Great Timing at Uncommon Market Asheville

Pop-ups are common in Asheville – concept storefronts or restaurants that exist for a season or even just a day and then close down, leaving the space open for something new. The founders of Marquee, a market in the River Arts District, create the various pop-up Uncommon Markets around Asheville, and they publish when and where their markets will be on their website.

Whether the vendors are selling antiques or vintage goods, homemade crafts or art, they benefit from this structure: rather than waiting all day in their personal brick-and-mortar for a few customers to trickle through, the Uncommon Market publicizes their event and gets a crowd to come by for just a few hours at a time, making staffing the market easier and more sales possible. 

If you want to support the mom-and-pop antique vendors and artists of the Asheville community, visiting one of these events can be a great way to do so while also experiencing the lively atmosphere. Reviewers comment on how great the finds and the atmosphere are, making them want to come back every month! 

Location: 1 Foundy Street, Asheville

10. Experience Charm at Antiques on Sutton

Must Visit Antique Store in Asheville: Antiques on Sutton

With only a 5- to 20-minute drive to various parts of Asheville, Black Mountain is a nearby town with some truly top-notch antique shops, so don’t be afraid to take your antiques passion out of the city to visit Antiques on Sutton

This small shop aims to offer unique home and garden items that can compete on price and quality with any of the larger stores. The cute furniture and other finds here rotate frequently, so it’s worth a perusal of this shop every time you’re in Black Mountain to see if something you can’t live without has come in.

Customers comment on how only the “real deal” items are featured here, no junk, and that the prices and customer service are top-notch. 

Location: 206 Sutton Avenue, Black Mountain

11. Find New Favorites at Key City Antiques

One of the gems of Black Mountain is the campus of Montreat, a conference center and school that is nestled into this mountain community and a true oasis. Nearby, you’ll find Key City Antiques, where you never know whether your next great find will be an adorable owl-shaped clock, quirky yard art, or the perfect trunk to use to store linens. 

You may find furniture that has been refurbished with popular colors and styles of paint, decorations for any holiday that is coming up, a vintage purse or scarf that will perfectly pull your outfit together – the sky is the limit! 

The reviewers have agreed that it brings both friendly customer service and a charming atmosphere to their multi-level store. 

Location: 105 Montreat Road, Black Mountain

12. Show Your Colorful Side at Chifferobe Home and Garden

Asheville Unique Stores to Visit: Chifferobe
Images courtesy of Chifferobe

Like other shops in our list, Chifferobe isn’t exclusively an antique store. While there are antique options, there will also be great art, a variety of gift items, and vintage items for your most retro friend. The collection is as eclectic and fun as the owner herself, and many people comment on how fun it is to shop while chatting with the owner. 

This is the heart of an Asheville shopping experience – finding the best of a particular place and learning more about what makes the business tick, all while looking for the perfect item that will be a gift for “the person who has everything” or will be the exact accent piece for your back porch. People talk about how shopping here is like stepping out of normal time and into a magical place – high praise for a shop!

Location: 132 Cherry Street, Black Mountain

13. Sample a Little of Everything at Buckeye Antiques Mall

Swannanoa, located between Black Mountain and Asheville, is home to the Buckeye Antiques Mall, and if you are on the hunt for something great, it should be on your list of antique shops in Asheville to visit. 

They spread 50 dealers worth of items over 9,000 square feet of showroom space, meaning that you have plenty to evaluate and enjoy. Find the furniture item you’re looking for, or be surprised by the options for art to decorate bare walls at home. You can even find a wide selection of books, vintage toys, and items perfect to be gifted. 

If you’re in search of a particular set of kitchenware, you’ll find great options here that help you fill out your settings and plenty of surprising options, like vintage doorknobs! Customers love the atmosphere created by the friendly staff, too.

Location: 90 Buckey Cove Access Road, Swannanoa

14. Benefit the Animals at Second Chances Thrift Store

Best Antique Stores in Asheville, NC: Second Chances Thrift Store
Images courtesy of Second Chances Thrift Store

Now, we know that thrift stores are a totally different category than antique stores, but we’re including some secondhand shops partly because there are often antique treasures at rock-bottom prices at thrift stores, and many of the thrift stores in the Asheville area are also structured to benefit a local non-profit. 

For instance, Second Chances Thrift Store donates to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a local non-profit for animal welfare. While you’re more likely to find some run-of-the-mill clothes, books, and kitchen items here than at some of our more boutique Asheville antique stores, you’ll still occasionally find a little piece of history or a truly beautiful piece of decor. 

On the off chance that you can get a good deal while getting something great and benefiting the animals, it’s worth a stop in if you’re near Second Chances. 

Location: 49 Glendale Avenue, Asheville

15. Dig For Treasure at the Goodwill Outlet Store

Asheville is lucky enough to have a standard Goodwill store where you can shop for thrift-store favorites like kitchenware, clothes, and furniture, but they also have the next-door neighbor, the Outlet Store

I’ll be the first to say that you’re unlikely to find in-good-repair antiques at this outlet, but if you love a trash-to-treasure story, you might find it thrilling. The outlet store is made up of large bins of items, and you dig through, finding what you want to buy and then paying by the pound of stuff – a very efficient Asheville shopping process. 

Fans of shows like Storage Wars will get a kick out of joining other shoppers to see if something in the bins is either actually valuable or valuable to them in some way. If not, you’ll at least have a fun story! 

Location: 1616 Patton Avenue, Asheville

16. Shop for Deals at The Salvation Army Family Store

Visitors to The Salvation Army Family Store say that the spot has great deals and some low-wear furniture sets fairly frequently, so even if the space feels a little sparse (not a ton of merchandise in total), take a look around. 

While thrift stores aren’t known for carrying the best antiques of Asheville, you never know when a donation will come through of priceless antiques that will then be priced as standard thrift store furnishings. Bring your friends who need to furnish a place on the cheap, or else anyone who loves looking for a diamond in the rough. 

Location: 91 New Leicester Hwy, Asheville

17. Fill Out Your Home with Asheville and Weaverville Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Best Antique Shops in Asheville, NC: ReStore
Images courtesy of ReStore

This last addition is neither fully a thrift store nor an antique store, but rather, in my opinion, “another place that thoughtful antique shoppers will enjoy.” Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of both furnishings and home repair items, such as functional cabinets that have been removed to make way for a kitchen remodel. 

Buying through the ReStore offers good deals on home items while also supporting their work to build homes in our community that are affordable so that low-income families can experience the pride and benefits of homeownership. 

Their shops tend to have a lot more furniture than you’d find at a standard thrift store, and while much of it will be standard, more mass-produced modern furniture, you’ll occasionally find items that are very well-made or quite old, potentially even antiques themselves! 

Before starting a home project, I find it wise to stop by a ReStore to see if you can get anything pre-owned that saves you money on whatever you end up buying new. 

Location: 31 Meadow Road, Asheville

Location: 61 Weaver Blvd, Suite 101, Weaverville

There you have it! The best antique stores in Asheville, NC. What are your favorite antique shops in Asheville? Let us know so we can check them out!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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