• Green Sage Restaurant Review in Asheville, NC
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    Green Sage Cafe: Healthy, Delicious, and Sustainable!

    I tried Green Sage Cafe back when they had only one location in 2010 (their original location opened in 2008). It’s impressive in the restaurant business when an independent restaurant, especially one with a strong commitment to sustainable and healthy practices, is successful 15 years after opening.  Owner Randy Talley has clearly found a version of the breakfast and lunch cafe that works well for the unique ecosystem that is Asheville, as there are now three Green Sage Cafes, sharing their popular menu items with people all around the Asheville area. One complaint I have with a lot of restaurants is that I often walk in famished, and famished-Laura makes…

  • The Best Thai Restaurants in Asheville, NC
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    9 Awesome Thai Restaurants in Asheville

    Whether you’re on the hunt for the hottest, tastiest curry in town or just want to feed a crowd that features some vegans, the Thai restaurants in Asheville are ready to serve. Thai food is flavorful, varied, and full of healthy proteins and veggies, making it a great fit for many palates.  A few of the Thai restaurants in Asheville are also fusion restaurants, featuring cuisine options from around Asia, so you might have even more options on the menu to tempt your guests’ taste buds. Whether you just want a go-to spot for a takeout pad thai or want a fancy occasion meal out, there’s a Thai place for…

  • Awesome Latina and Latino Owned Businesses in Asheville, North Carolina
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    12 Awesome Latino and Latina-Owned Businesses in Asheville 

    More than 40 million people living in the US today were born in a different country, and an estimated one million immigrants arrive in the US every year. People come from all walks of life and for diverse reasons. But one thing is for sure: ours is a nation of immigrants looking for new beginnings and working to make their dreams a reality.  According to Pew Research, the US Hispanic population reached 62.5 million in 2021, up from 50.5 million in 2010. So, we are a powerful force, folks! Latino people bring so much to the fan of identities this country is made of.   Excellent food, fun music and traditions,…

  • Restaurant Review: La Bodega in Asheville, North Carolina
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    La Bodega Restaurant Review: Like a Picnic in Spain

    I’ll admit that I’m a biased one when it comes to writing about restaurants that have a Spanish influence. I spent two years living in Spain a while back, and even though I can’t remember every or even most of the meals I had there, the diet was supreme. Fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful and affordable, and so much of the seasoning was light and bright: vinegars, lemon juice, and zesty piquillo peppers brought out the flavors of seafood and veggie dishes.  I still remember my first bowl of salmorejo, a smooth and rich cold soup that is a little thicker and richer than gazpacho by virtue of (of…

  • The Best Female-Owned Businesses in Asheville, North Carolina
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    17 Incredible Women-Owned Businesses in Asheville 

    “I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” (Extract of Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman) Asheville is full of phenomenally phenomenal women. They are mothers, friends, lovers, employers, employees, stay-at-home moms, wizards, lovers, fairies, good witches, mischievous witches, dancers, teachers, scientists, spiritual leaders, cat ladies, healers, bird whisperers, volunteers, and amazing!  They work with nonprofits and have imagined and manifested extraordinary women-owned Asheville businesses. They rock big time. From mobile bookstore, beauty salon, cat café, and donut shop owners to Queen Bees offering free honey tastings and a photographer who doesn’t take photos but makes visual poems, I’ve compiled a list of some great Asheville women-owned businesses and some fun…

  • Curate Restaurant Review in Asheville, NC
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    Cúrate Restaurant Review: Tapas are Meant to be Shared

    My first-ever tapas experience was with five friends in college. At the time, it was the most expensive meal I’d ever had and was a birthday luxury, but it was also a chance to try nearly a dozen different foods – everyone ordered a couple things and we each took little nibbles of it all. It was so luxurious to try so many different items! I moved to Spain only a few months after that birthday, and I learned that tapas aren’t a fancy thing in Spain. I found my favorite local spot that put the Real Madrid soccer matches on their televisions and brought tapas for free when you…

  • Complete Guide to Highlands, North Carolina
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    A Guide to Highlands, NC: Events, Attractions, Restaurants, and Shops

    Whether you’re drawn to the nearby national forests, the surprising variety of cultural arts, or the tasty restaurants available, Highlands, North Carolina, is a picturesque mountain town. The locals are ready to show you an amazing time as you explore Dry Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, golf at the Highlands Country Club, and luxuriate at the Old Edwards Inn.  Located just 90 to 120 minutes from Asheville (depending on the route you take), Highlands is only a stone’s throw from both South Carolina and Georgia, in the far western portion of the state.  Not only do you get incredible views here, but you’ll also get away from the city environment…

  • The Best Restaurants in Black Mountain, North Carolina
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    The 14 Best Restaurants in Black Mountain, NC

    Being so close to Asheville proper, it’s no surprise that Black Mountain has way more wonderful restaurants than you might expect of a similarly-sized town elsewhere. Set in the beautiful mountains, Black Mountain boasts multiple breweries, a distillery, and even a cider/mead purveyor, bringing tourists in for the craft beverages, and you know how a drink might get you hungry. You’ll also find incredible hiking, all of which makes it a great place to grab a bite to eat alongside a local brew after a big adventure.  As a result of all this tourism, the places to eat in Black Mountain, NC, run the gamut, and you’ll be pleased that…

  • The Best Restaurants in Waynesville, North Carolina
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    The 16 Best Restaurants in Waynesville, NC

    The charming town of Waynesville in Haywood County is one of the best side trips from Asheville since it’s only a 25-mile drive and has much to offer. Considering the population of 10,000 people, you’ll find a surprisingly humming downtown with many restaurants and shops. Still, Waynesville is the biggest town in Haywood County, which is known for its lovely small towns and 13 peaks above 6,000 feet.  You’ll love exploring art galleries, antique stores, gift shops, and restaurants. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Waynesville restaurants, with options for everyone’s cravings – from the best burgers in Haywood County and Yelp’s #1 Brisket in the US…

  • Where to Find the Best Tacos in Asheville, NC
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    Where to Find the Best Tacos in Asheville: 13 Delicious Taco Spots

    I wouldn’t call myself an expert on that much – I do love exploring Asheville, but I can’t claim true expertise in many categories. When it comes to the best tacos in Asheville, though, and the eating of delicious foods wrapped in tortillas in general, I am a bit of an aficionado.  We’re blessed in the Asheville area that you can get a great traditional beef, pork, or chicken taco in almost any Mexican restaurant, but there are also some truly unique taco offerings that stand out for their great flavor combinations and high-quality ingredients. While I can’t be sure which trucks will be on the road during your stay…