• Asheville Chocolate Restaurant Review in Asheville, NC
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    Asheville Chocolate Review: Take a Class or Simply Enjoy Dessert

    One of the things I love about Asheville compared to where I used to live is that there is more than one of most everything. There are multiple restaurants for Indian food, Thai food, Mexican food, and even multiple top-notch pizzerias within 5 minutes of my house. Spoiled for choice, we are here!  Nowhere are we more blessed than in the fact that we have multiple high-quality dessert shops here in town, offering everything from ice cream to cake to sweet beverages… and at Asheville Chocolate, you can get all of the above. My journeys around Asheville take me down Broadway frequently, and I’ve often admired the beautiful sculptural details…

  • Melting Pot Social Restaurant Review in Asheville, NC
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    Melting Pot Social Restaurant Review: Play With Your Food!

    I’ve only been to one original Melting Pot restaurant, as part of a huge group for a bachelorette party. I remember the multiple large containers of cheese and chocolate, the variety of dippers, and the fun and interactivity of the experience.  It was a big, rich meal and a memorable way to celebrate our friend getting married, especially when we all got to laugh about a dipper taking the plunge off someone’s fondue fork into a melted pool of goodness. So when I realized there was a similar but distinct restaurant in Asheville called Melting Pot Social (or MeltSo, for short), I was intrigued – from what I could see…

  • Where to get Christmas Dinner in Asheville, NC
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    Where to get Christmas Dinner in Asheville

    Let’s face the facts: one of the best reasons to live in or visit Asheville is the fact of not actually being a great cook – there’s such good food at your fingertips here that people who aren’t much for the kitchen can find top-notch flavors without having to pick up a whisk.  Especially during the holidays, though, this becomes a bit more challenging, since many restaurants take a well-deserved break, and many regular-level home chefs still feel daunted at the idea of preparing an elaborate holiday meal for something like Christmas dinner. The good news is that even if you don’t want to cook it yourself, you have plenty…

  • Where to Find the Best Mocktails in Asheville, NC
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    Where to Find the Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Asheville

    Whether you’re taking a break as you focus on your health or just want to feel a little better after an indulgent holiday season, many of us consider the idea of “Dry January,” a 31-day break from consuming alcohol.  While Dry January may not be quite as popular in Asheville as other places, since we are “Beer City,” it might be just as welcome among both locals and visitors who want to discover new options for nights out and ways to enjoy a beverage with friends without the accompanying effects of alcohol.  When you’re looking for the best mocktails in Asheville or a chance to try non-alcoholic beers, you’re in…

  • Asheville Pizza and Brewing Review in Asheville, NC
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    Asheville Pizza and Brewing Review: A Classic for Fun!

    The story of me in Asheville mirrors me and this one pizza place in North Asheville on Merrimon. Early in my relationship with the man who would become my husband, he and I and his mom needed to while away a rainy afternoon, so they checked what was showing at their favorite mini theater.  We’d all seen Despicable Me, the kid cartoon with the yellow minion creatures, before, but they assured me that seeing it at Asheville Pizza and Brewing, complete with their far-superior movie snacks, was the way to spend an afternoon.  They weren’t wrong. Everything from the movie scene murals and eclectic decor to the simple seating and…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville in November
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    The 13 Best Things to do in Asheville in November

    November is an excellent time to visit Asheville. The average temperature is 60°F/40°F (though it’s colder in higher elevations), perfect for long days of playing outside and sleeping without the air conditioning.  Asheville’s fall season is long and beautiful, with sunny, dry, warm days and chilly evenings, and the fall foliage season goes from late September to early November.  In November, fall turns into winter, so many fall activities and landscapes remain to enjoy. Still, many of the most popular December holiday events start in November: the National Gingerbread House Competition at the Omni Grove Park Inn, the Winter Lights show at the North Carolina Arboretum, and the Christmas at…

  • All Day Darling Restaurant Review in Asheville, NC
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    All Day Darling Review: An Oasis in Asheville

    It was inevitable that I’d write about All Day Darling – after all, one of their popular salads is literally in my bio for this website as my favorite dish in the city. Obviously, there are a million other amazing dishes, but at the intersection of affordable, ambiance, flavorful, and nutritious, that salad really checks every box.  From salty and chewy halloumi to lentil fritters for a great crunch, this salad mixes greens, seeds, and a great honey-tahini dressing to make a salad that is a real meal while also filling me up with good nutrients and fiber.  But let’s not start there. Let’s start with the concept of All…

  • The Best Brunch Spots in Asheville, NC
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    The 16 Best Brunch Spots in Asheville

    It’s no secret that Asheville’s food scene is fantastic. You can go out daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and eat incredible food made with the best local and seasonal ingredients. And when it comes to brunching, rest assured Ashevillians take their brunch game very seriously.  From fried chicken biscuits and Wagyu steak & eggs to Mexican chilaquiles and biscuit donuts, you’ll find all sorts of classic and creative brunch dishes being served up around town. Don’t forget to top off your meal with a Bloody Mary or a sparkling mimosa! There are so many excellent restaurants and cafes in Asheville it can be challenging to figure out where to…

  • The Best Rooftop Bars in Asheville, NC
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    The 14 Best Rooftop Bars in Asheville

    There’s a really fun anticipation about walking into a typical building or a hotel with the knowledge that you’re headed for the roof to visit one of Asheville’s coolest rooftop bars. For a small city, Asheville boasts an impressive number of terraces and outdoor dining options, including a variety of bars that keep the nightlife in Asheville fun even as you look down on the city lights around you.  You don’t have to choose between the view and the menu either – the best rooftop restaurants in Asheville often come with delicious meal options and craft cocktails. If you’ve been here for a bit, you know that Asheville chefs and…

  • The Best Coffee Shops in Asheville, North Carolina
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    The 15 Best Coffee Shops in Asheville (and One Amazing Tea Room!)

    In the land of all-that-is-local, it only makes sense to step away from the ordinary and try out one of the coolest local coffee shops in Asheville. While you can absolutely get your delicious Panera, Dunkin’, and Starbucks here in town, there are also some homegrown favorites that deliver high marks on flavor, drink variety, and ambiance.  While most Asheville cafes are open early for your wake-up cup of brew, many are all-day spaces, easy-to-enjoy afternoon hangouts, or even a spot for a late-night pick-me-up with a friend.  Some have snacks, some have meals, and some have beer and wine in addition to satisfying the craving for caffeine. Just for…