• The Best Picnic Spots in Asheville, NC
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    The 9 Best Picnic Spots in Asheville

    Having a picnic is one of the easiest, most fun things to do with your friends, family, date, or even your dogs. And lucky for us, there are so many excellent picnic spots in Asheville! Whether you’re looking for a park by the river, a super fun playground, spring blooms, a perfect sunset spot, or a huge mansion surrounded by 8,000 acres of gardens with impressive fall foliage, Asheville has it all! You can get snacks at the grocery store, make your own, or stop by City Bakery or OWL Bakery for sandwiches and pastries. Grab a picnic basket from The Rhu or a charcuterie box from South Slope Cheese…

  • Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville, North Carolina
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    12 Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville

    When kiddos are out of school, the initial excitement of taking a break and enjoying some relaxation sometimes gives way to boredom if we don’t head it off. That’s why we’ve put together this summer fun scavenger hunt that lets local kids and visitors alike go out and try to achieve a few challenges and fully enjoy the many things that make summer in Asheville so fun. Why is Asheville such a great, family-friendly place to enjoy summer? Let’s take a look! The Top 5 Reasons Why Asheville is the Place to Spend the Summer 12 Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville 1. Chase the Sunshine Sammies Truck When I…

  • The Orange Peel Review in Asheville, North Carolina
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    The Orange Peel Review: The OG Place for Live Music

    Live music fanatics, the average showgoer, the groupie, or anyone who has walked by this monumental building on a Saturday night in the summer all know one thing: The Orange Peel is the OG place for live music in Asheville.  On the corner of Biltmore and Hillard, the brick building, adorned with orange-painted bubbles and a nostalgic orange marquee front and center, is nearly impossible to miss. The once skating rink turned R&B soul club, The Orange Peel has been recognized nationwide as one of the most unique and best places to see live music in the southeast.  Known for their variety of acts, featuring everyone from up-and-coming performers to…

  • The Best Free Things to Do in Asheville
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    The 16 Best Free Things to Do in Asheville

    They say that the best things in life can’t be bought, and that’s especially true in Asheville. Planning a trip on a budget to a place with astonishing outdoors and plenty of walkable areas is easy!  You’ll have a blast spending the day hiking trails off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoying scenic drives, chilling at a downtown park, listening to bluegrass at a free concert, or checking out local vendors at the River Arts District farmers’ market.  Don’t be intimidated by Asheville’s award-winning food scene. There are plenty of places – from cafés to restaurants to food trucks – where you can have excellent food at reasonable prices. Also,…

  • Uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
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    10 Uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

    Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to different people. For people who aren’t in a romantic relationship, it ranges from being just another day to an annoying reminder that you’d like a romantic relationship to a celebration of all things friendship and community.  If you’re in the early stages of love, it can be a really big deal to get Valentine’s Day “right,” though more and more, I think people recognize that how we treat each other all the time matters more than a shower of gifts and experiences on one February evening.  Finally, there are long-term romances that sometimes become just daily life, with Valentine’s Day as…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville, North Carolina in the Spring
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    The 31 Best Things to Do in Asheville in the Spring

    Spring in Asheville is glorious. From chasing full waterfalls and spotting wildflowers to festivals, farmer’s markets, and endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, you’ll be busy as a bee in Asheville in the spring! Although the weather can bring a little bit of everything, from gorgeous sunny days to rain and even snowflakes, it’s a beautiful time of the year to visit. Dressing in layers and having a good attitude is crucial to having a wonderful spring vacation in Asheville.  The temperatures vary and can change fast, but it’s safe to say that the later you come in the spring, the warmer the climate you’ll get. We all know that rain…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville, NC in the Winter

    The 13 Best Things to do in Asheville in the Winter

    One of my favorite things about Asheville is the seasons: we get four seasons of three months each. The summers are friendly, with the highest temperatures in the low 80s (64-82°F average, with rare temperature peaks in the 90s). The winters are also moderate, with an average of 30-50°F and occasional colder snaps.  While most visitors might be more familiar with the astonishing views of the fall leaves, the flowering rhododendrons in the spring, or the lustful waterfalls and rivers surrounded by shades of green in the summer, there is also beauty in Asheville in the winter.  Travelers are surprised to learn that Asheville rarely gets snow (the average is…

  • Things to do in Asheville, NC in the rain

    The 15 Best Things to do in Asheville in the Rain

    Asheville, North Carolina, is blessed with a lot of clear skies, with 212 sunny days per year on average. However, any trip to our artsy, outdoorsy neck of the woods can still have a wet or snowy day here and there. If you end up facing a rainy day in Asheville, don’t fret! There are many things to do in Asheville in the rain that will be just as memorable as your favorite hike or a wander through downtown.  The top pastime of both locals and visitors alike is definitely eating. With some of the country’s best food tucked into our little mountain paradise, all you need is an umbrella…

  • Asheville Salt Cave Review: Asheville, North Carolina
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    Asheville Salt Cave Review: Relaxing and Invigorating

    It might not seem like not much: entering a room full of salt, laying on a mat on the ground or a reclining lounger, and resting (or even falling asleep!). But the results are so powerful.  I must confess that I’m so used to doing, achieving, and enduring (yes, even when I participate in wellness experiences) that I thought the effortless wellness experience offered by Asheville Salt Cave wasn’t for me. I was wrong! I leave feeling more relaxed, grounded, and invigorated every single time.  The Asheville Salt Cave aims to recreate the microclimate of a salt mine using 30 tons of pure pink salt from Poland, the Dead Sea,…

  • The Best Things to do in Asheville in the Fall
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    The 16 Best Things to do in the Fall in Asheville

    My admiration for Asheville never decreases, but I must admit that fall is, hands down, the most beautiful time of the year to be here. The trees display unreal red, yellow, and bronze colors, the flowers are spectacular, and the average temperature is 68°F/46°F. If that’s not enough, there are many events, and the bountiful harvest makes our food scene even more exciting.  Fall in Asheville is gentle and long (one of the longest seasons in the country), allowing us plenty of time to transition and retreat to the darkness of winter. If you’re looking to see fall foliage, the best month is October, although you can start to see…