Uniquely Asheville Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

14 Uniquely Asheville Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are rockstars, heroines, and goddesses. We have yet to see when the work of being a mom gets the recognition it deserves: Raising happy humans is the most revolutionary thing we can do to transform the world positively! 

Motherhood has been celebrated since ancient times, and every culture has worshiped deities who represented and protected fertility, wombs, childbirth, and the sacred role of the child-rearer. 

Modern Mother’s Day festivities are usually held in the spring when life is abundantly blooming everywhere. Our mountains in May are astonishing, and Asheville is a buzzing city with many festivals, markets, and activities, giving hundreds of ideas of how to celebrate Mother’s Day in Asheville.

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day in Asheville and looking for gift ideas? Well, you’re in luck because I have compiled a list of some of the best gifts to honor the mothers and mother figures in our lives. 

You’ll find something for everyone here, from spa treatments, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry to less conventional and fun presents and experiences. I’ve also included an idea to treat single mothers on this day and a couple of ways to give extra love to mothers who are experiencing pregnancy loss or the death of a child. 

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Mother’s Day in Asheville: 14 Unique Gift Ideas

1. Get Bonbons from French Broad Chocolate

Mothers Day Gifts you can buy in Asheville: Bonbons
Image courtesy of French Broad Chocolate

Gifting goodies from French Broad Chocolate is a good idea year-round and a terrific way to show mom your love. They release a yearly bonbon spring collection and have Mother’s Day sets ready to go, often teaming up with other local businesses to co-create perfect gifts.

For example, last year’s limited Mountain Mamas Collection was inspired by seven Asheville momtrepreneurs and included a wildflower honey caramel bonbon infused with rosemary honoring James Beard Award winner Chef Katie Button of Cúrate and a Negroni caramel bonbon motivated by the mom-daughter duo behind Chemist Spirits.

Other past editions have included spa sets with chocolates, bonbons, a chocolate candle, a chocolate soap trio by Bella & Oliver Soap Co., and tea boxes by Asheville Tea Company. You can visit their shop in downtown Asheville, order online, or take a tour to witness how a cocoa bean becomes a delicious chocolate bar! 

Finally, if your mom is a big-time chocolate lover, consider gifting her a Bonbon of the Month subscription

Location: 10 S. Pack Square, Asheville.

2. Arrange a Surprise from Pollen

Best Asheville Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Breakfast from Pollen Coffee + Flower Shop

Pollen Coffee + Flower Shop is a charming flower studio and multi-roaster café located very close to downtown. You’ll love the cafe’s bright, cheerful ambiance and friendly staff.

You can treat the mom or moms you are celebrating with a bouquet of fresh peonies, espresso, drip and pour-over coffees from around the world, and a fantastic rotating menu of locally baked pastries and bagels.

Shop for as many fresh flowers as you want, or order a unique bouquet designed just for you. Pick it up alongside some pastries and coffee, and start Mother’s Day on a high note! 

It’s best to make arrangements for your gift early, but Pollen offers delivery the same day you order. You can also get gift certificates.

Location: 45 S. French Broad Ave, Suite 150, Asheville.

3. Indulge Her with a Shoji Spa Gift Card

Asheville Gift Ideas for Mothers Day: Shoji Spa & Retreat Gift Card
Image courtesy of Shoji Spa & Retreat

Shoji Spa & Retreat is a Japanese-inspired wellness center overlooking the National Forest. Located “2,500 feet above stress level,” as they put it, this oasis is surprisingly close to downtown. Their packages offer various experiences – from massages and salt hydrotherapy tubs to sauna sessions and aromatherapy – making a gift card one of the best Asheville Mother’s Day gifts. 

The Treetop Package would be perfect for mom. It includes a one-hour, 100% hands-free full body massage in a Chea Massage Chair Pod, a meditative relaxation on a warm gemstone far-infrared table, a 20-minute infrared therapy, an outdoor self-scrub experience with Shoji’s all-natural Himalayan Salt Scrub, and some relaxing time at the treetop deck.

She’ll love their signature tea blend, made in partnership with the local Dobra Tea Co., which is served by the hot tub with raw, unfiltered honey and Japanese tea crackers. Shoji Spa is open until 10 pm during the weekend, allowing for spectacular sunset and nighttime views. 

Location: 96 Avondale Heights Road, Asheville.

4. Gift an Asheville Tea Company Gift Box

Best Asheville Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Asheville Tea Company's Gift Box
Image courtesy of Asheville Tea Company

Asheville Tea Company‘s Mother’s Day gift boxes are simply perfect! They taste just like spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains and are a great option to honor the mothers in your life. They’ll love these local botanical teas without flavors, additives, or preservatives. 

Imagine a stimulant Jasmine Gold tea with lavender scones made with the mix curated by their in-house certified pastry chef and featuring only organic and regionally sourced ingredients. 

The best part? They collaborate with Asheville Bee Charmer to add local honey to their gift sets (and to the scones!). 

You can also get a monthly subscription to receive a box of limited editions of seasonal blends. Besides offering some of the best teas in Asheville, Asheville Tea Company is a sustainable company doing great work for the planet. Follow their social media to get promos, including Mother’s Day discounts and gift alerts.

5. Find a Gem of a Gift at Enter the Earth

Asheville Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Enter the Earth
Image courtesy of Enter the Earth

Enter the Earth is one of the most fun places to shop in town. It’s located in the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville and offers almost endless possibilities to get fantastic Mother’s Day gifts in Asheville.

It specializes in minerals, gems, and fossils, including unusual gemstones like Eudialyte, Kyanite, rough Emeralds, and Azurite. You’ll feel like you’re entering the Earth as soon as you cross the front door, and you’ll love the exuberant rotating center displays featuring plants, flowers, and minerals reflecting the season. 

Their Mother’s Day sales are epic! You’ll find the perfect gift, from unique mineral jewelry and incense and smudge sticks to medicine pouch sets, massage wands, pendulums, and the most extensive, colorful display of gems in Asheville. 

Follow their social media accounts to get updates about their sales and promos. 

Location: 1 Page Avenue #125, Asheville.

6. Get Her a Massage by Jenna Shaw

Mother's Day Gifts you can buy in Asheville: Massage by Jenna Shaw
Image courtesy of Jenna Shaw

Jenna Shaw‘s massage and bodywork will leave mom feeling so blissful and rejuvenated. According to Jenna: “My style is slow, intuitive, and deep. I use long, slow strokes to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and fully relax the body. Deep work begins with a fully relaxed body!”

She uses Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and Ashiatsu, a technique in which the masseuse uses their bare feet to put pressure on the body, encouraging deep relaxation, spine elongation, and increased blood circulation. Plus, each of Jenna’s intuitive therapies is designed according to your body’s needs.

7. Buy a Ritual Kit from Sacred Celebrations

Sacred Celebrations is a woman-owned business created and run by Elizabeth, a firm believer in stopping to celebrate and honor life’s transitions with intentional gifts and rituals. 

As she puts it: “We are always so busy, achieving goals and moving on to the next accomplishment. We need to stop and savor the moments that are so very precious to us.”

Elizabeth offers a jewelry line where “every stone has meaning, and each piece is created with positive intention.” The bracelets are so delicate and beautifully made! You’ll also love the ritual boxes, including a bracelet of your choice, a candle, handmade soaps, a crystal, and tea, among other meaningful items for mothers.

Finally, Elizabeth specializes in designing custom rituals that will make unforgettable Mother’s Day gifts, especially for mothers experiencing transitions like pregnancy, child loss, becoming grandmothers, or soon-to-be empty nesters. 

8. Give Mom the Gift of Zumba

Mothers Day Gifts you can buy in Asheville: Zumba

Is your mom like me, and the only acceptable workout for her is dancing like nobody is watching? Or perhaps she’s looking for something new to enhance her routine? Gift her a gift certificate to get classes and training with Delia

Delia offers personal training sessions that include Zumba. She’s a certified instructor of many techniques and has a very welcoming, empathetic approach to fitness and a friendly, funny personality.

Your mom will feel super comfortable with her from day one. Her Zumba choreographies are the best, and she’s great at explaining them step by step. 

In case you don’t know, Zumba is a dance workout based on Latin American rhythms. Imagine getting fit (and happier) while dancing cumbia, salsa, merengue, and reggaeton! 

What I love the most about Zumba is that everyone is smiling, unlike folks in the weight room, who look all serious and gloomy. 

9. Give Mom a Pottery Class at Firefly Valley 

Best Asheville Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Firefly Valley Design
Image courtesy of Firefly Valley Design

Firefly Valley Design offers an all-women class on Sundays called Pottery Church. It begins right after Easter and is an excellent way for moms to have much-needed me-time while unleashing their creative power. A gift certificate for this class is perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day in Asheville.

This pottery studio is another women-owned and operated business. Ona offers weekly classes for kids and adults, youth summer camps, and curated events where everyone can play with clay in a laid-back environment. 

You’ll love Ona’s calm, gentle, and fairy-like presence. You can sign up for classes here

Location: 25 Central Ave. W., Asheville.

10. Book a Multi-Generation Photo Session 

Best Asheville Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Photo Session with Jesse Kitt
Image courtesy of Jesse Kitt

Jesse Kitt offers mother-child portraits that are visual poetry. I love how she captures the essence of the people and the relationships she photographs. Imagine celebrating Mother’s Day in Asheville with a multiple-generation photo shoot. This is a great gift idea for grandmothers.

Last year, Jesse offered a great deal, including a 30-minute shoot, all editing and retouching, a private online proofing gallery, and a signed 8×10 heirloom custom print on 100% cotton Hahnemühle fine art paper. The location was the super photogenic Asheville Botanical Gardens.

You can start planning your outfits and follow Jesse on social media to see what she’s planning to do this year.

11. Help Mom Relax with a Salt Float 

Asheville Gift Ideas for Mothers Day: Still Point Wellness
Image courtesy of Still Point Wellness

Still Point Wellness offers one of Asheville’s most interesting, relaxing wellness experiences. Mom will float in a tank for a couple of hours, supported by a half-ton of Epsom salt in skin-temperature water in a silent, dark environment. Saltwater flotation has many health benefits, including deep mental and physical relaxation.

The Epsom salt helps to pull tension out of the muscles, while the lack of stimulation and the support of the water gently promotes being present. It’s like a floating meditation, and when you leave the building, you’ll feel you’ve taken a week-long trip!

In addition to the floats, this spa offers a holistic infrared sauna, Esalen massage, somatic experience craniosacral therapy, and couples spa packages. 

Location: 946 Tunnel Road, Asheville.

12. Gift Jewelry from Seed and Sky

Best Asheville Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Seed and Sky
Image courtesy of Seed and Sky

Seed and Sky makes the cutest handcrafted art jewelry. Your mom will love the nature-based designs featuring high-quality metals and hand-painted snowflakes, flowers, cardinals, trees, and adorable forest creatures.

The hummingbird teardrop earrings make for a great Asheville Mother’s Day gift. She’ll love the vibrant colors and the spring scene, a true celebration of the season. 

Is your mom a cat lover? She’ll adore this locket featuring a detailed micro-world of a cat in a garden. Make sure to keep track of their sales! 

Location: 191 Lyman Street #224, Asheville. 

13. Give Grieving Mothers Meaningful Sympathy Gifts

Asheville Gift Ideas for Mothers Day: Sympathy

While Mother’s Day is a celebratory occasion for most mothers, it can be a painful day for those grieving a miscarriage or the death of a child. Here are some sweet gift ideas to honor their motherhood and offer extra love and comfort:

  • Asheville has many amazing nonprofits doing great work in the community. Donate in loving memory of their child. You can plant a tree with GreenWorks or donate books to United Way’s Book Drive.
  • Build a little free library and name it after their child.
  • Gift them a plant from Rosarina Plant Shop and add a heartfelt letter sharing a favorite memory of their child and their mother. 
  • Buy them a sweet and heartfelt 12-Month Shortbread Cookie Subscription Box from Butter Blossoms.

The thing these moms want the most is to be recognized as mothers and for their kids and experiences to be remembered. Hold space for them – it takes a village!

14. Put Together Gift Baskets for Single Moms

Best Asheville Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Baskets

Being a single mom can be challenging. We are often the sole makers of the magic of every celebration, work a lot, have a lot heavier mental load than single fathers, wear multiple hats in life, and celebrate Mother’s Day with our kids, who are the sweetest gift, of course, but who don’t buy us tangible presents.

A couple of mamas from a local parenting Facebook group shared and executed the idea of putting together gift baskets for single moms. It’s so simple: people donate items, someone puts the sets together, and folks nominate single mothers. Ideally, everyone gets a couple of sweet gifts!

Here are some ideas on what to donate: 

There you have it! 14 uniquely Asheville gift ideas perfect for this Mother’s Day. Do you have any Mother’s Day gift ideas to add to this list? 

Born in Argentina, Laura is a journalist who's lived in Asheville for 10 years. She loves all things Asheville, from the vast business scene to the beautiful nonprofits, magical people, and marvelous nature. She loves being involved in projects that are the change she wants to see in the world.

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