• The Best Places for Road Biking in Asheville, NC
    The Great Outdoors

    The 10 Best Places for Road Biking in Asheville, NC

    While mountain biking often steals the spotlight in the Asheville area, road biking enthusiasts will find themselves equally enchanted by the plethora of scenic routes available in Blue Ridge biking paradise!  Asheville and its surrounding areas boast a diverse array of road biking opportunities, from challenging climbs to leisurely rides. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a rigorous workout or a scenic escape, these 10 road biking spots near Asheville offer a little something for everyone.  So grab your bike, hit the road, and get outside for a cycling adventure you won’t forget! The 10 Best Places for Road Biking in Asheville 1. Blue Ridge Parkway With miles upon miles of…

  • Complete Guide to Lake Powhatan in Asheville, North Carolina
    Attractions,  Family Friendly,  The Great Outdoors

    Complete Guide to Asheville’s Lake Powhatan

    Lake Powhatan Recreation Area and Campground is an awesome and popular area for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and camping. It borders the 6,000-acre Bent Creek Experimental Forest (the oldest in the East, established in 1927) in the Pisgah National Forest. And the best news? It’s only 12 miles from downtown Asheville!  It’s the perfect family-friendly spot to spend a day playing by the water, exploring the easy trails, or camping, making it the base of your Asheville trip. The seven-acre lake has a sandy swimming beach, a fishing pier, and forested areas hosting a campground with 97 sites for tents and RVs, with glamping options.  Bent Creek Experimental Forest, at…

  • The Best Places to go Camping Around Asheville, North Carolina
    Family Friendly,  The Great Outdoors

    Camping in Asheville: The 6 Best Campgrounds 

    It’s no secret that Asheville is a hub for microbreweries, gourmet espresso spots, and amazing eats. But what lies beyond that beautiful picturesque skyline of mountains and buildings?  If you want to roll up your sleeves and experience more than just what city life has to offer and explore the grand vastness of Western North Carolina, then look no further. Here’s a list for everyone from the timid, first-time camper to the off-roading explorer. Because, if you really want to fall in love with the Tar Heel State, you have to get outside. Have you never gone camping before? Or perhaps have a little bit of trauma from sleeping on…

  • Awesome Swimming Holes Near Asheville, NC
    Family Friendly,  Surrounding Areas,  The Great Outdoors

    11 Awesome Swimming Holes Near Asheville, NC

    Asheville and the surrounding area are home to a wealth of natural wonders, with many places to cool off on a hot summer day. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or relief from the heat, these spectacular local swimming spots offer the perfect places to have some fun in the sun.  From pristine mountain streams to secluded waterfalls, here are the 12 best swimming holes near Asheville to check out this summer. So grab your swimsuit, pack a picnic, and start your next adventure! The 11 Best Swimming Holes Near Asheville 1. Skinny Dip Falls Located off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Milepost 417, Skinny Dip Falls is a beloved swimming…

  • The Best U-Pick Flower Farms in Asheville, NC
    The Great Outdoors,  Family Friendly

    The 6 Best U-Pick Flower Farms Near Asheville

    Springtime in Asheville is an unparalleled time to appreciate the fruits of the Earth’s work on full display. At this time of year, rich hues of pinks, reds, violets, and blues are not an uncommon sight along the roadways.  Growing up, my mom swore that fresh flowers were a guaranteed way to make a crummy day a bit better, and I still wholeheartedly agree with that. Around Asheville, we have quite a few u-pick flower farms to choose from. At these places, you can fill a vase for your own pleasure or brighten someone else’s day with a handpicked bouquet.  If you’re looking to add some color to your life,…

  • Guide to Dupont State Forest: Waterfalls and Hiking
    The Great Outdoors,  Surrounding Areas

    A Guide to DuPont State Forest: Waterfalls, Hikes, and More!

    With 10,000 acres of protected land, 86 miles of multiuse trails, mountain views, swimming lakes, and some of the most beautiful waterfall hikes near Asheville, DuPont State Recreational Forest is a favorite destination for outdoor lovers.  The best part? It’s only 40 miles south of Asheville, and there is no admission fee – although you can always make a donation. Although the hike that takes you to Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and High Falls is one of the main attractions, there are also great opportunities for biking, horseback riding, fishing, lakeside picnicking, and enjoying views from mountaintops. Swimming is one of the most fun things to do in DuPont State…

  • The Best Lakes Near Asheville, NC
    The Great Outdoors,  Surrounding Areas

    The 10 Best Lakes Near Asheville Perfect for a Day Trip!

    Nestled within the unforgettable landscapes of Western North Carolina, Asheville stands as a mecca in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ stunning natural beauty. Surrounded by lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and serene lakes, this vibrant city offers an abundance of outdoor activities for local nature enthusiasts and tourists alike.  Among its many treasures, the region boasts an array of pristine lakes where visitors can go and seek tranquility and recreation. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 lakes near Asheville, what you can do there, and why you won’t want to miss your opportunity to check them out! The many lakes near Asheville offer a diverse array of…

  • A Guide to Springtime Foraging in Asheville
    The Great Outdoors

    A Guide to Springtime Foraging in Asheville

    Although mild compared to many other areas of the country, I, for one, feel like winter always drags on, even in Asheville. Maybe it’s harder here because of the anticipation of what’s to come.  Everything coming back to life in the springtime, to me, is like coming back home to myself. The birds are chirping in the blue sky, the sunshine is warming my skin, and the bare landscape of the woods and scenery starts to re-adorn itself in spatterings of green.  The whole vibe is iconic. One of the reasons I love spring in Asheville is because of the opportunities for foraging that begin to present themselves during this…

  • The Best Off-the-Tourist-Track Hikes Near Asheville, NC
    Surrounding Areas,  The Great Outdoors

    The 7 Best Off-the-Tourist Track Hiking Trails Near Asheville

    One of the main reasons people visit and live in Asheville is for its beautiful mountains and ample outdoor activities to enjoy. If you’re looking for the down low on all of the amazing hiking trails in Asheville that even the locals don’t want you to know about, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, these mountains were made for everyone!  However, before you go out hiking in Asheville, make sure you fully understand the activity level required for each hike. Choose hikes that are suitable for your skill level and come prepared with the essentials (i.e., water, food, appropriate clothing, etc.).  The Appalachians that run through Western…

  • What to Bring While Hiking with Kids in Asheville, NC
    Family Friendly,  The Great Outdoors

    What to Bring When Hiking in Asheville with Kids

    Asheville is filled with some amazing locations for family-friendly walks and hikes. Just walking in nature for 5 minutes is known to improve your mood, self-esteem, and tension, which is why this is one of my favorite activities to do with my children.  I have been hiking with them since they were six months old and two and a half. A “free” activity that can wear them out, cater to their sense of wonder, and is enjoyable for parents too? Total win in my book!  If you’re looking to go hiking in Asheville with your little ones, here are a few of my favorite must-haves for a happy, safe, stress-free…

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