• The Best Farmers Markets in Asheville, NC
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    The 9 Best Farmers’ Markets in Asheville

    Farmers’ markets in Western North Carolina are such a combination of an attraction. First, they are often picturesque, a great way to see the life and the hustle and bustle of the city while getting a little walking in and feeling like you’re connecting with the place.  Second, they support the many small agricultural businesses in our community, both those who raise livestock and farm plants but also secondary businesses making artisan bread, cheese, soups, pasta, and all kinds of handicrafts.  Third, they are a great way to make a night in special, bringing home some fun and even unfamiliar ingredients to make your own Iron Chef challenge in the…

  • The Best Places to see the Leaves Change in Asheville, North Carolina
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    The Best Places to see the Leaves Change in Asheville in the Fall

    I’ve always loved autumn anywhere in the world, but after I moved to Asheville, my love for that time of the year deepened. In some other places, fall is just a spark before a long winter. But Asheville’s fall colors – which include leaves but also flowers – last a long time, gifting us with a five or six-week-long festival of color! This gives us plenty of time to witness the magical process of trees shedding their leaves. As Hermann Hesse put it, “That is the way leaves fall around a tree in autumn, a tree unaware of the rain running down its sides, of the sun or the frost,…

  • The Best Scenic Drives in Asheville, North Carolina
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    14 Incredible Scenic Drives Near Asheville, NC

    One of the best and easiest things to do in Asheville is to pack or grab a picnic lunch and go for a drive to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing vistas the Asheville area is so famous for. The Blue Ridge Parkway is “America’s Favorite Drive” and one of the most beloved scenic drives near Asheville. But with so many scenic drives in the area, it’s not the only one!  The Blue Ridge Parkway follows the ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it’s beautiful all year round. It offers all kinds of experiences and adventures, from watching the sunrise or sunset from an overlook or after a hike to spectacular…

  • The Best Urban Parks in Asheville, NC
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    Explore the Outdoors at these 13 Beautiful Urban Parks in Asheville

    I love visiting local parks when I travel, and I love to spend time at a wide range of Asheville parks. Parks are great for pausing, breathing in all the newness when you’re away from home, and getting to know the local crowd. I’m a people person, and I’ve always got the best travel advice from talking to strangers!  When my kids were younger, I used to travel with a list of playgrounds and green areas to ensure our urban adventures were balanced with free running around time. I met some of my current mom-friends while our kids were playing in Mexico City, Madrid, and Asheville parks.  Our city has…

  • Guide to Rafting and Kayaking in Asheville, NC
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    Complete Guide to Rafting and Kayaking in Asheville, NC

    The incredible beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains leads a lot of people to come to Asheville in search of adventure, pursuing outdoor adventures in order to really get connected with nature. Whether you’re a thrill seeker and adrenaline-high rider or just want a little arm workout while you explore tranquil waters, rafting or kayaking in Asheville is a great way to get outside.  The city is shaped by outdoor enthusiasts, giving you the chance to explore whether you’re ready for a bumpy ride down some whitewater or you just want to silently paddle into a cove and watch a heron or turtle enjoying the sunshine.  Knowing what you’re getting…

  • The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes Around Asheville, NC
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    13 Fun and Easy Family-Friendly Hikes Around Asheville

    I once read a quote about libraries being one of the few public spaces left in our society where you’re allowed to exist without the expectation of spending money, and we can say the same about nature. Two essential tools to raise a healthy kid are access to books and nature. The good news is that exploring the outdoors offers some of the best – if not the best – Asheville activities for kids!  Fortunately, there are kid-friendly hikes near Asheville for everyone, from big-city or local families looking forward to introducing themselves to hiking trails to adventures for more seasoned hikers. I’ve included a list of kid-friendly hikes near…