• Elevated Kava Lounge Review in Asheville, NC
    Wining & Dining,  Local Business Reviews

    Elevated Kava Lounge Review: An Alcohol-Free Alternative

    Have you seen all these kava bars popping up around the country and wondered what they are? They are alcohol-free, family-friendly social spaces that primarily serve kava, a beverage made from the roots of the kava plant (Piper methysticum), native to the South Pacific islands and known for its sedating effects.  Elevated Kava Lounge West  Beth and Chris Fisher are an adorable father/daughter duo who share the same friendly smile and twinkly eyes. They moved to Asheville from Southwest Florida in 2021 to open Elevated Kava Lounge West on the second floor of 747 Haywood Road in West Asheville.  Beth had previously worked in a kava bar and loved the…

  • Yellow Mug Coffee Lounge Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Yellow Mug Coffee Lounge Review: A Cup of Joe and a Tasty Meal

    If you’re like me, you have a rolodex in your brain (do new generations know the idea of a rolodex?) of the places you spend time. I know, for instance, that the public library is closed Sunday and Monday, meaning that my go-to spot for working on writing has to wait until later in the week. Well, one place that is smack dab in my path many days is also open most of the hours I could imagine myself out and about, especially in Weaverville. That’s Yellow Mug Coffee Lounge. Yellow Mug is a bright storefront-style coffee lounge with a calm atmosphere, easy-listening music playing, and minimalist art. They have…

  • The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year's in Asheville, NC
    Family Friendly,  Community,  Wining & Dining

    The 13 Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s in Asheville

    New Year’s as a holiday is a little polarizing – while I know lots of people who love other holidays more, I personally count New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as my favorite holidays. There’s something so refreshing about getting an opportunity for a new start in the middle of our everyday lives. The key to celebrating New Year’s in Asheville is to figure out what matters to you about this holiday and focus on that!  The reactions to New Year’s are varied, from staying at home, cozy with family, and waking up early to go run the downtown Resolution Run, over to the glitzy parties, fun concerts, and…

  • Best Dessert Places in Asheville, North Carolina
    Wining & Dining

    The 15 Best Dessert Places in Asheville for a Sweet Treat

    Asheville’s food scene has you covered for every food craving, and dessert is no exception. From Polynesian-inspired sweet treats, churro fondues, and vegan donuts to pie flights, liquid truffles, and sippable desserts, there is something for everyone and lots of vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free options.  Of course, the definition of dessert is broad, and we’ve included a list of frozen treats, cakes, classic desserts, baked goods, and everything in the middle! You can start your evening with drinks at a rooftop bar, enjoy a world-class dinner in one of Asheville’s award-winning restaurants, and end the night with a fantastic dessert in another spot.  Or you can have dessert and coffee…

  • Old Europe Pastries Review in Asheville, North Carolina
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Old Europe Pastries Review: Delicacies in Downtown

    My husband and I have to have good snacks on hand if we’re going to watch the “Great British Baking Show,” a lightly competitive baking show featuring truly scrumptious and delicate treats. One of the categories that is easiest to understand by watching seasons and seasons of this show is patisserie.  It refers to things that would probably get the umbrella term “desserts” in the United States, but are specifically a variety of delicate, constructed pastries and cakes that are popular all over Europe but maybe most famously so in France. When we think patisserie, we think desserts with layers, with perhaps some puff pastry but also a layer of…

  • Working Remotely in Asheville: The Best Cafes and Coffee Shops
    Wining & Dining

    Working Remotely in Asheville: The Best Cafes and Coffee Shops

    Asheville’s food scene is fantastic. We have nationally awarded restaurants and an abundance of excellent places to eat every meal (and snack during the day). Asheville coffee shops, of course, keep up with the curve, and it’s no surprise that we have tons of great ones!  Ashevillians crave good food and wellness – and it’s no secret that this city loves its coffee. According to Randy Talley (the owner and founder of the Green Sage cafe described below), Asheville consumes more natural food per capita than anywhere else. I wonder if he’s right, but we are fortunate to enjoy so many cafes featuring food and drinks made with organic, whole,…

  • Ginger's Revenge Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Ginger’s Revenge Review: Gluten-Free Sipping

    I’ve heard people view the ways that people’s allergies, dietary preferences, and other restrictions have changed the cuisine landscape depicted as a challenge, the old “what can we possibly serve at dinner that avoids all the allergies while respecting vegan, vegetarian, and other needs?” question.  What I’ve found, instead, is that any kind of constraint on my cooking and eating helps me delve deeper into novelty and discover combinations I’d never try without it. I wouldn’t have discovered some of my now-favorite foods if I didn’t have vegan family members.  Similarly, the desire to choose hangout places that don’t require my gluten-free friends to drink gluten-y beer has helped me…

  • Gallivant Coffee Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Gallivant Coffee and Prelude Provisions Review: Vegan Adventures

    In the middle of a very residential area in Woodfin is a little vegan oasis known as Gallivant Coffee. I went here early on in my move to Asheville, partially because it was so close to my home and partially because the name is just so fun – it sounds like the coffee you get at their shop is going to fuel you for a big adventure. With so many lovely hikes in the area, it only makes sense to have some adventure juice handy.  If you haven’t been, you’re in for a treat – the coffee is selected by the owner himself and roasted in small batches, meaning that…

  • Cats at Play Cafe Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Cats at Play Café Review: Asheville’s First Cat Cafe

    Cat cafes satisfy two of the most basic human needs: coffee and cat cuddles. Originating in Asia, they are now spread worldwide. They are an excellent opportunity to share the love with kitties while having a cozy beverage. They are also purrfect places to bring your computer and work (playful interruptions are guaranteed!). Hanging out with cats has many health benefits: it’s relaxing, lowers your stress and anxiety, and, according to scientific research, cat owners tend to be at a lower risk of suffering heart disease. It’s a fact: the company of cats makes us happier and healthier! Cats are mysterious, fascinating creatures and were considered sacred by many ancient…

  • High Five Coffee Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    High Five Coffee Review: a Local Favorite

    Work as a remote, flexible-schedule worker for long enough while parenting a toddler, and you’re simply going to have favorite coffee shops. While I think most of them want to be known for their flavorful drinks, tasty snacks, and soulful ambiance, many of us simply need somewhere that serves up caffeine while not kicking us out for tapping out a few emails while we sip.  I have reviewed a few places in Asheville that don’t offer public Wi-Fi, and I can’t blame them at all – there is something really lovely about a space that is entirely focused on connection and food and drink.  However, when I can find a…

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