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Keeping Kids Healthy: Get to Know the Wonderful Pediatricians in Asheville

When we’re getting started in a new place, there’s always a long to-do list of getting established and feeling like the whole family has their feet under them, from finding schools to getting the scoop on the best restaurants in your area. 

When you move to Asheville, finding a great pediatrician is definitely high on that list – no one wants to run into a birthday or an illness without having a trusted professional to consult about development and health. 

While we work to be accurate in our descriptions of local pediatrician offices, doctors do change practices, so we recommend checking each pediatrician office in Asheville before you request an appointment if you were hoping to work with a particular doctor. 

As with any non-expert advice, these pieces of information are drawn from providers’ websites and from reviewers and are not medical advice in any way, rather a list of the options available in the Asheville area. 

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase or booking through one of our links we may earn a small commission (don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you).

1. Find Group Practice Excellence at Mountain Area Pediatrics

Best Pediatricians in Asheville: Mountain Area Pediatrics

Mountain Area Pediatrics is a medical practice featuring six different doctors, meaning that if your child’s specific pediatrician isn’t available for a sick visit or another visit, you may still be able to see one of the other providers. 

In addition to wellness exams (every few months for babies and yearly starting at age 3) and sick visits, Mountain Area Pediatrics or MAPA offers after-hours nursing assistance, with a telephone triage service that can help you determine how urgently your child needs to be seen by a medical professional and giving you at-home advice for care. 

While many reviews comment on excellent experiences and great bedside manner, some commenters do note that during surges in sickness, it is challenging to get a same-day sick visit scheduled. Even on the MAPA website, it mentions that most of the slots fill by 10 am on high-volume days, so it’s wise to call early in the day if you think you’ll need a sick visit. 

Many reviews related to this are due to unprecedented sickness in the years since COVID-19 and are likely to be common across large pediatric practices. 

Location: 500 Centrepark Drive, Asheville

2. Get Plenty of Options for High-Quality Care at ABC Pediatrics

ABC Pediatrics is a practice that, at the time of writing, includes a group of eight doctors. While most children see a particular pediatrician for scheduled visits, it’s convenient to have the opportunity to see the first available doctor at a practice that features multiple providers. 

They’ve been offering services here in the Asheville area since 2006, and they see kindness, courtesy, and respect as cornerstones of their practice. They also have a policy of following the vaccine schedule created by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), so that’s important to know as a parent. 

They offer telemedicine during normal office hours, wellness exams, and same-day sick visits if your child needs to be seen immediately. They have an after-hours urgent care for nights and weekends, and for some minor procedures, it’s possible to use ABC Pediatrics rather than an urgent care or emergency room. 

Reviewers mention that the staff are consistently friendly and kind, including the doctors whose bedside manner is praised as empathetic and helpful when parents are concerned for their children’s health. Some reviewers also praise the nurse line for being consistently prompt and available, a feature many families prize because health concerns can happen at any time of the day or night. 

We have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chu! But note that at the time of writing, ABC Peds only accepts newborn patients (but once you establish care for your newborn you can add any siblings as well).

Location: 64 Peachtree Road, Asheville

3. Benefit From the History at Asheville Pediatric Associates

Best Pediatrics in Asheville: Asheville Pediatric Associates

Asheville Pediatric Associates has been offering children superior and comprehensive care since 1938, meaning that they have a strong history in this area and a depth of experience on their six-provider team. They offer telehealth and in-person drop-in clinic hours, as well as some urgent sick visits on the weekends, in addition to standard wellness exams. 

They have a patient portal app that is also the access point for the telehealth waiting room. They can do standard lab work in-office, saving you a trip, and they work with a phone triage service to offer you access to a Registered Nurse’s clinical perspective if you call after hours. 

Like many of the local offices, you’ll find that reviewers mention long wait times when the schedule is fully booked, but the reviewers also mention a consistent level of high knowledge and friendliness among the doctors at Asheville Pediatric Associates. 

We can personally recommend Dr. Cohen!

Location: 2 Medical Park Drive, Asheville.

4. Find Family Medicine at Asheville Medicine and Pediatrics

One nice option for picking a practice that includes both pediatric-specialty doctors and doctors with a focus on family medicine is that you can get both depth of expertise on children and get the rest of your family’s healthcare needs met all in one office. Asheville Medicine and Pediatrics offers extended hours that make it easier to get in around your busy days. 

While they offer standard newborn and pediatric care, they also provide adult medicine, laboratory services, and more. When working to triage patients, they also have the option to recommend a telemedicine visit both after hours and when your preferred physician isn’t currently available.

While many reviewers mention that the doctors are sympathetic and good at offering helpful information to worried parents, other reviewers do mention that you should be prepared for wait times during busy seasons, which have been common in the last few years. 

The ability to have all your medical needs addressed in one family practice is one of the main appeals of a practice like Asheville Medicine and Pediatrics, streamlining your family’s process for getting appointments and building doctor relationships. 

Location: 600 Julian Ln, Suite 630, Arden

5. Experience South Asheville Expertise at Asheville Children’s Medical Center

Go to Pediatricians in Asheville: Asheville Childrens Medical Center

Asheville Children’s Medical Center has four physicians and one physician’s assistant who are all experienced care providers who have worked with children for years. They focus on providing an experience that takes children into account, offering them compassionate care that recognizes that visiting the doctor can be a stressful experience for children but doesn’t always have to be that way. 

They offer the standard wellness visits, more frequently until 3 years old and then once a year until 21 years old. When children contract illnesses that are more severe and parents need assistance, they can request a sick visit to see their physician or call to speak to a nurse for triage. 

They offer extended hours, including weekend hours, and they offer free prenatal consultations to discuss and find the right fit for your family pediatrician.  Reviewers of the Asheville Children’s Medical Center mention that, after many years with the practice, they are still incredibly satisfied with the pleasant bedside manner, thorough examinations, and great explanations of what’s going on with your children. 

Reviewers who had previously felt like they were just in-and-out of pediatrician offices mention how this office seems to offer care for the individual and the whole family, making people feel like they belong and have a history with this practice. 

Location: 7 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Asheville

6. Find Convenience in North Asheville at French Broad Pediatrics

While many of the popular pediatricians are in the medical district south of downtown or further south toward Arden, French Broad Pediatrics is an office right on the edge of Woodfin and North Asheville in the Reynolds Mountain area. The care team includes four doctors and two family nurse practitioners, meaning that you’ll always have a variety of options for someone to see if your dedicated pediatrician is booked up. 

They offer a Saturday morning walk-in clinic, minor wound care, and are able to offer long-term care for children with asthma and other chronic illnesses. Like many local pediatric offices, they accept many insurances, but it is always wise to check with your own insurance provider to determine whether they are in-network for you.  

Reviewers of this office mention the kindness and friendliness, as well as the way that nursing staff responds empathetically and with great knowledge when it comes to consults for sick children. The bedside manner helps parents feel like their children are truly cared for. They even mention that good senses of humor help keep children calm and happy during visits. 

Location: 40 N. Merrimon Avenue, Asheville

7. Find a Medical Partner for Your Family at Blue Sky Pediatrics

Pediatric Specialists in Asheville: Blue Sky Pediatrics

Blue Sky Pediatrics is a medium-sized pediatrics practice with three doctors to address the needs of your child. They offer routine checkups to answer questions from parents and evaluate the ongoing health of your child, while also helping with treatment or referrals for common childhood issues including allergies and asthma, developmental concerns, and various viral and bacterial infections that tend to occur in children. 

They keep regular hours and have after-hours care after 5 pm on weekdays, as well as some Saturday appointments. They also offer a 24-hour nurse triage line with the option to call a physician when needed. While most patients do have a yearly wellness visit as a patient of any pediatrician, Blue Sky makes it clear on their website that they expect this yearly visit to occur in order to stay a patient at their office.  

Reviewers have endless positive details about the care they’ve received from Dr. Kowa, in particular, in addition to positive descriptions of the other providers. The reviewers mention feeling like family when you come to the office, experiencing empathy and doctors who are dedicated to their work, and taking the time needed without rushing children out the door. 

Location: 5 Walden Ridge Drive, Asheville 

8. Balance West and East at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville

Finding the right pediatrician in Asheville and connecting with an affordable insurance provider can be a combination that is nearly impossible to achieve, especially if the adults in your family also need to be seen by yet another provider. 

One option that can be a better fit for families is a family practice that sees both children and adults, and at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville, a membership model is used rather than filing through insurance. You receive all the primary and urgent care you need via this one team, and they also include savings on medications and common health costs. 

You keep your money in the community and see the same trusted providers every time. Another distinction of Integrative medicine is that these doctors and other healthcare professionals are both trained in Western medicine and knowledgeable about how behavior change, diet change, and movement can also be part of a treatment plan, in addition to a focus on the least invasive options possible for treatment. 

Location: 372 Depot Street, Suite 10, Asheville

9. Experience the Membership Model at Lantern Health

Childrens Doctors in Asheville: Lantern Health

Another local medical practice offering direct primary care is the Lantern Health model. Rather than going through insurance (and maybe still having to pay hundreds of dollars for a visit or procedure!), Lantern Health offers a predictable membership price per month and offers clear information about any items that would cost extra, simplifying the challenges of finding and receiving affordable healthcare. 

They can provide pregnancy and newborn care in addition to care for children and adults, creating a single place where you can receive routine vaccinations, basic x-rays, and minor procedures in-office, as well as services like health coaching and disease management. 

Reviewers mention just how useful their mobile application is and how it helps people get quick medical answers. Patients note that they take lots of time with each patient, work with you on any health and wellness goals you have, and even that the doctors are fully aware of the cost of some procedures and tests so that people with high-deductible insurance can make informed choices about seeking out additional testing. 

Location: 84 Coxe Avenue, Asheville

10. Experience Functional Medicine at LifeWay Health

Many parents prefer holistic options or have questions about vaccine schedules or particular kinds of medical treatments. While many pediatricians stick to a fairly standard type of Western medical care, some medical offices, including LifeWay Health, are well-known in Asheville for listening to parents’ concerns and keeping options open when it comes to holistic options first.

How this translates practically is that LifeWay Health offers immunizations to all families but doesn’t require them in order to be a patient there. LifeWay Health’s reviewers mention that the doctor is compassionate and knowledgeable while respecting parents’ medical choices for their kids. 

Multiple reviewers mention that in addition to feeling well cared for and never rushed, they feel that the care they receive focuses on root causes and overall health rather than treating symptoms individually with medications every time. 

Location: 7 Yorkshire St. Suite 201, Asheville

Get Options for Urgent Care and Emergency Pediatric Care in Asheville

While your child will likely establish a long-term relationship with a pediatric practice, it’s wise to also have options if you are really looking for care for a child on vacation. While you stay in Asheville, there are a variety of options for getting your child seen for routine or emergency sick visits. 

Getting an appointment online, even if it is only a few minutes or hours away, can be a good first step for getting seen versus a walk-in, but many of these clinics will also take walk-ins whenever their schedule allows.

11. When You Need Urgent Care, Mission My Care Now Delivers

Top Pediatricians in Asheville: Mission My Care Now

The largest local hospital network is Mission Health, and within their care network is an urgent care with multiple locations known as Mission My Care Now. Be aware that while there is just one location in Asheville proper, there are locations in many nearby counties, which can be very helpful if you’re staying out of town or hiking and camping in one of the less populous areas. 

Reviewers mention ways that providers at the Biltmore Park campus of Mission My Care Now went above and beyond, finding a pharmacy with the right hours to get an antibiotic course filled right away, for instance. While not every illness and injury can be treated at an urgent care, visiting an urgent care like the Mission My Care Now in Biltmore Park puts you a short distance from the main hospital if it turns out you need to be seen in an emergency room instead.

Location: 310 Long Shoals Road, Suite 110, Asheville

Location: 360 Hospital Drive Suite 100, Clyde 

Location: 189 Hospital Drive 1st Floor, Spruce Pine

Location: 472 Rankin Drive Entrance #4, Marion

Location: 190 Riverview Street, Franklin 

12. Experience Speed and Skill at Range Urgent Care

Range Urgent Care includes a few different locations to help you find help quickly for yourself or your child in the Asheville area. They offer the routine services you’ve come to expect from an urgent care clinic, with an on-site x-ray, in-house lab and pharmacy, and the option for vaccinations and physicals. 

They also offer hydration therapy via IV and various medical care services required by employers like drug screenings and pre-employment physicals. In addition to their urgent care services, they offer a variety of membership-based services like direct primary care, all under the same roof. 

If you want to be seen quickly and don’t need an in-person exam, their virtual video system allows for quick telemedicine visits that come with a free virtual recheck within five days of the first visit. They offer an easy scheduling system online but also can accept walk-ins. They also offer a clear price structure, so you know what you’ll pay. 

Reviewers comment that the environment is warm and welcoming, putting you at ease when you need care, and they are very prompt and organized, which people appreciate when already dealing with symptoms of illness or injury. 

Location: 674 Merrimon Avenue Unit 101, Asheville

Location: 349 New Leicester Highway, Asheville

Location: 201 NC-9, Black Mountain

13. Get Seen Quickly at FastMed Urgent Care

Best Pediatricians in Asheville: FastMed

When you need a rapid appointment, check FastMed online to get an appointment here. While there is occasional walk-in availability, the order of being seen relies on their online system, so even if you make an appointment before driving over, that’d be the best choice. 

They list many of the services they offer on their website, but it never hurts to call ahead if you don’t see your exact symptoms or issue listed on the site. Many reviewers mention how quickly and kindly they are cared for at this urgent care location and that people get treated with care and attentiveness. 

Some reviewers did mention that walk-ins are occasionally not seen during the final hour if the entire schedule is filled, which is valuable information to know if you’re considering doing a walk-in visit rather than making an appointment ahead of time. 

Location: 160 Hendersonville Road, Asheville

Location: 511 Smokey Park Highway, Candler 

14. Get Rapid, Professional, and Compassionate Care at Mercy Urgent Care

Mercy Urgent Care offers multiple locations that help people receive quick care for routine medical needs that, for whatever reason, cannot wait for a primary care provider. Reviewers mention that Mercy Urgent Care offers doctors with compassion and a comfortable bedside manner, and the nurses are also written about as knowledgeable and good at explaining what is happening in the process of testing or getting help. 

They offer video appointments both for convenience and to reach as many people as possible, especially during busy seasons like flu season. Reviewers generally see this as a spot that offers top-notch care and respects those who visit. 

Location: 1201 Patton Avenue, Asheville

Location: 1833 Hendersonville Road, Asheville

Location: 1272 Tunnel Road, Asheville

Location: 61 Weaver Boulevard, Weaverville

Location: 120 Frazier Street Suite 6, Waynesville

15. For Emergencies, Mission Hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Room Delivers Tailored Care

Go to Pediatricians in Asheville: Missions Pediatric ER

In the North Tower of Mission Hospital, there is a separate emergency room specifically for children. The team in this emergency room includes emergency-room nurses as well as a group of pediatric child life specialists who are well-trained and can offer reassurance to children during procedures, distractions in the form of books or toys, and other helpful aids to make a visit to the hospital less challenging for a child. 

The waiting area, rooms, and general atmosphere are entirely child-focused. When you have worries about your child’s breathing, a broken bone, a high fever, or other severe symptoms that cannot be handled by an urgent care facility, visiting Mission’s Pediatric ER offers expert and attuned care. 

Note that at the time of writing the pediatric ER is only staffed from 11:00am until 11:00pm. So if you have an emergency in the middle of the night you’ll need to be seen by the regular ER staff (and the wait will likely be much longer).

Location: 509 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville

There you have it! The best pediatricians in Asheville, NC. Who is your go-to pediatrician in Asheville? Let us know so we can add them to the list!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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