Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

  • A Complete Guide to the Buncombe County ZOOM Pass 

    A Complete Guide to the Buncombe County ZOOM Pass

    Buncombe County residents deserve to know about an incredible resource. I learned from a friend who had lived here for 10 years when I first moved to town, and I was mentioning visiting the science museum downtown with my toddler. She said I should check online once I got a library card and see if there was a science museum ZOOM pass. I was very confused, but once she explained it, I knew this would be a part of our lives for a while.  ZOOM passes are a partnership with various attractions in the Asheville area and the public library. When you have one, you are given free admission for…

  • Summit Coffee Review: Asheville, North Carolina
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Summit Coffee Review: The Buzz of the People

    Maybe it’s not true of everyone, but as a person who hangs out in coffee shops a lot, I have that one coffee shop on which all others are modeled in my mind. It was a coffee shop I frequented when I was in college, when frequent coffee drinking was still a novelty and not just a daily necessity.  It was nestled out of the way, multi-storied, and I think in an old house. It was all nooks and crannies, and of course excellent coffee and pastries came standard – I remember vividly that there were only ever three or four food items, like a scone and a muffin and…

  • French Broad Chocolate Lounge Review in Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    French Broad Chocolate Lounge Review: All About Cacao

    In what I assume was a bit of a cosmic joke, I spent a week in Asheville when I was a young and chipper 20-year-old. It was mere months before I could legally partake in the (then very young) brewery scene or wander into a bar with my college roommate, who was also hanging out for the week here.  But we discovered, just blocks away from our hostel, the perfect spot for people who couldn’t legally drink but who wanted to have a destination in the evening: the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. There was something so special about walking into the sweet, crowded little shop and breathing in the wildly delicious…

  • Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville, North Carolina
    Family Friendly,  Attractions

    12 Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville

    When kiddos are out of school, the initial excitement of taking a break and enjoying some relaxation sometimes gives way to boredom if we don’t head it off. That’s why we’ve put together this summer fun scavenger hunt that lets local kids and visitors alike go out and try to achieve a few challenges and fully enjoy the many things that make summer in Asheville so fun. Why is Asheville such a great, family-friendly place to enjoy summer? Let’s take a look! The Top 5 Reasons Why Asheville is the Place to Spend the Summer 12 Fun Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Asheville 1. Chase the Sunshine Sammies Truck When I…

  • Fun Toddler Birthday Party Ideas in Asheville
    Family Friendly

    12 Fun Toddler Birthday Party Ideas in Asheville

    I think that most parents have at some point lamented that little kid birthday parties are a little out of control. If you only look at social media like Instagram and Pinterest, you’d be convinced that everyone is putting together elaborate themes, complicated and delicate snacks and games, and in general stressing out their toddlers on days when they should just be enjoying themselves and the people they love.  In my opinion, though, toddler birthday parties can be great and fairly low-stress, especially in Asheville. The last few birthday parties in Asheville that I’ve attended with my toddler had a winning combination of factors, which I think most families can…

  • Twisted Laurel Restaurant Review in Asheville, North Carolina
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Twisted Laurel Restaurant Review: Both Roots and Wings

    The warmth gets you when you first step into Twisted Laurel – this is the quintessential lunch and dinner spot, equally comfortable giving you a quick sandwich meal as they are plating up a gourmet salmon for you to feast upon on a special occasion.  It used to be my in-laws’ go-to spot for a chill but fun New Year’s Eve, and as the new year approaches (as I start this review, anyway), I am thinking a lot about tradition, about how the areas in and around Asheville are always in cycles of welcoming the new and commemorating the old – Twisted Laurel is a great example of a venture…

  • The Best Time of Year to Visit Asheville, North Carolina
    Community,  Family Friendly,  The Great Outdoors

    The Best Time to Visit Asheville, North Carolina

    As I’ve written about before, I wasn’t always an Asheville resident. For more than a decade, Asheville was where I went on holidays and vacations to see my in-laws, and as such, I’ve got a pretty solid window into the times of year that people come here for fun and adventure during vacations.  That being said, I’ve now lived here for a year and a half as well, which means I’ve also seen the in-between times, the times when local residents are the primary folks visiting attractions and all that downtown has to offer.  So here we come to the real question: What is the best time of year to…

  • The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Asheville
    Wining & Dining,  Family Friendly

    The 14 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Asheville

    No one really needs to read yet another parent rant about the challenges of teaching a child how to behave in public, I’m sure, but anyone who has had a spirited child under the age of 6 or 7 will know the struggle that is growing the skill of being in public.  While some select few children are ready to sit still and quiet at restaurants the first time they try, many children will experience restaurants as a source of excitement and overwhelmingness for quite a while before they can participate in a truly polite way. In the meantime, they really can’t get better if they can’t practice! As a…

  • Taco Temple Restaurant Review Asheville, NC
    Local Business Reviews,  Wining & Dining

    Taco Temple Review: Your Go-To Taqueria in Asheville

    The prevalence of fast food, even in Asheville, can be tempting for anyone who has a busy day and not a lot of time to plan what they want to eat. Having a go-to order at one of your local fast-food places may be the difference between fitting in soccer practice, homework, and nutrition before bed!  However, for me, the fast-food options near me tend to have low appeal for nutrition, and I end up being annoyed at myself that I didn’t bother to spend the extra few bucks and get takeout from a local place. It’s a value here in Asheville – if I can manage to eat local…

  • Uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
    Attractions,  Wining & Dining

    10 Uniquely Asheville Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

    Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to different people. For people who aren’t in a romantic relationship, it ranges from being just another day to an annoying reminder that you’d like a romantic relationship to a celebration of all things friendship and community.  If you’re in the early stages of love, it can be a really big deal to get Valentine’s Day “right,” though more and more, I think people recognize that how we treat each other all the time matters more than a shower of gifts and experiences on one February evening.  Finally, there are long-term romances that sometimes become just daily life, with Valentine’s Day as…

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