The Best Thai Restaurants in Asheville, NC
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The 9 Best Thai Restaurants in Asheville

Whether you’re on the hunt for the hottest, tastiest curry in town or just want to feed a crowd that features some vegans, the Thai restaurants in Asheville are ready to serve. Thai food is flavorful, varied, and full of healthy proteins and veggies, making it a great fit for many palates. 

A few of the Thai restaurants in Asheville are also fusion restaurants, featuring cuisine options from around Asia, so you might have even more options on the menu to tempt your guests’ taste buds. Whether you just want a go-to spot for a takeout pad thai or want a fancy occasion meal out, there’s a Thai place for that here in Asheville. 

Curries, stir-fries, and noodle dishes that use flavorful sauces to make a whole pile of fresh vegetables and protein taste perfect are the cornerstone of this cuisine, so if you haven’t been eating as many veggies as you’d like, Thai food is a great way to get all the flavor you crave along with the nutrients you need!

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The 9 Best Thai Restaurants in Asheville

1. Siam Thai Restaurant

Delicious Thai Food in Asheville: Siam Thai

For authentic and flavorful Thai food in North Asheville, turn to Siam Thai. They have daily specials that keep things exciting and let you try whatever is freshest and most seasonal (recently, they were offering a Thai Tea Limeade as their specialty drink of the day – yum!). 

Lunch includes a variety of appetizer rolls, multiple options for soups and salads, as well as their main entrees, which are usually stir-fries, fried rice, or noodle dishes. With each dish, the option of what protein you want and the option for making your spice levels anywhere from mild to “Thai hot” allow you to customize the experience and have the delicious, fresh flavors that make Thai food stand out! 

Location: 100 Stone Ridge Boulevard, Asheville.

2. DTK Thai Kitchen

In an unassuming section of Merrimon Avenue, you’ll find the flavorful and healthy dishes you most expect at a Thai restaurant in Asheville available for casual dine-in or takeout. Offering online ordering, DTK Thai Kitchen lets you easily request red curry, green curry, or panang curry or opt for the milder and sweeter masaman curry, flavored with peanuts, potatoes, and onions. 

Delicious fried rice dishes with lots of veggies and excellent spicing are also available, as well as affordably priced lunch portions of almost all of their dishes. Stop in when you are stuck in the traffic coming down Merrimon Avenue from downtown and enjoy a tasty meal before heading back out into the fray. 

Location: 535 Merrimon Ave C, Asheville.

3. Suwana’s Thai Orchid

Must Try That Restaurant in Asheville: Suwanas Thai Orchid

When you’re window-shopping and enjoying the people-watching of downtown and start craving some Thai flavors, turn to Suwana’s Thai Orchid. While it does feature some flavorful twists on Thai food, there are also lots of recognizable menu items for the Thai food purist. 

At any given time, you might find Chef’s Specials like a spicy basil-sauced Seafood Plate, a Duck Curry, Mussaman Lamb, or Hor Mok Tofu, which combines Thai curry with veggies, one of many good vegetarian options that will leave you full and happy. 

Finish up your meal with a Mango Sticky Rice, knowing you’ll be back for more of the tasty options. On Tunnel Road, a second location known as Suwana Asian Cuisine is from the same team/chef but also features extensive Japanese food options on the menu. 

Location: 11 Broadway Street, Asheville.

4. Little Bee Thai

On the outskirts of downtown, near the Hatchworks co-working space, is a small Thai restaurant that offers delicious flavors, cold draft beer, and a large outdoor seating area. You’ll love Little Bee Thai for the flavorful curries, stir-fries, and other dishes you’re looking for. 

Reviewers of Little Bee comment that it’s particularly good for those who are looking to get a great spicy dish, but others mention that the food is always really well cooked (one reviewer noted just how well they cook scallops – yum!). 

When you want to meet up and eat but don’t want to eat indoors, it’s nice to have the option of the large outdoor patio to enjoy some Thai food during the temperate weather of Asheville. 

Location: 45 South French Broad Avenue #190, Asheville.

5. Bun Intended

Best Thai Food in Asheville: Bun Intended
Images courtesy of Bun Intended

I really love the concept of the S&W Market – it takes the beautiful architecture of a historic building and makes it into a great destination for visitors and locals alike who want to eat together but maybe want to each grab food from a different high-quality food vendor – think the mall’s food court elevated to top Asheville standards!

Bun Intended started as a food truck, and with their successful experience of bringing Thai-inspired street food to Asheville, they’ve created this brick-and-mortar option to sell their signature steamed buns full of flavorful meats and veggies as well as warming Thai curry sauces and other flavorful additions. 

There are snacks like Thai cucumber salad, build-your-own rice bowls using the sauces that make Thai food so addictively delicious, and even the popular Thai Iced Tea and Thai Iced Coffee. With their short menu to keep service moving fast (a la its food truck roots!), this spot is a great way to eat high-quality Thai food while getting fast-food-speed service. 

Location: 56 Patton Avenue, Asheville.

6. Thai Chili Asian Bistro

Thai Chili Asian Bistro is one of a suite of choices along Hendersonville Road – and this is a good thing! Everyone deserves to have delicious Thai food nearby along this epicenter of South Asheville. 

The first thing I noticed on the Thai Chili Asian Bistro menu was that there are so many tasty-looking appetizers – from crispy tofu sprinkled with crushed peanuts to a variety of rolls, I was instantly pulled in. As with many places known as “Asian bistros,” Thai Chili Asian Bistro offers more than the standard Thai flavors, making it a great spot for delivery, takeout, or dine-in options. 

As for reviewers’ favorite dishes, people rave about the thai fried rice, cashew nut chicken, and for dessert, the fried banana dish. They mention that the food is affordable and the portions are generous – particularly a great option if you want to get ample lunch portions and save some for tomorrow’s lunch in the work fridge!

Location: 1550 Hendersonville Road, Suite 100, Asheville.

7. Khao Thai Cuisine

Best Thai Restaurants in Asheville: Khao Thai Cuisine

Khao Thai Cuisine is technically just outside of Asheville, but because such a large contingent of locals live in Arden and many people pass through it on journeys between Hendersonville and Asheville, it’s not a bad place to grab a bite. 

Khao Thai Food has a stellar reputation for highly flavorful and varied Thai dishes. Not often do people write food reviews saying that something is “the best Thai food they’ve ever had,” but that is a common refrain from reviewers of Khao Thai Cuisine!

They have a reputation for patient and knowledgeable customer service, which can be helpful when people try Thai food for the first time. One small comment from guests is that people who are highly spice-seeking sometimes don’t find the Thai-hot dishes to be quite as intense as they’re looking for, so you might need to add some spice if you really want it to set your mouth on fire. 

Location: 2145 Hendersonville Road, Arden.

8. Baan Thai Kitchen

Here’s one more addition to our Hendersonville Road Thai journey – just because there are a lot of Thai restaurants on Hendersonville Road is not a reason to pick one and stick with it. It’s truly a flavor-filled scavenger hunt along the main drag through South Asheville. 

Baan Thai Kitchen has earned its place in the hearts of its regulars for fresh ingredients (they have an Asian market right next door), friendly and welcoming service, and a casual atmosphere that makes it the right spot for nearly any time you want to get some food. 

While the pad thai, massaman curry, and tom kha soup all get rave reviews, the consistent top dish is the mango sticky rice. Evidently, multiple reviewers note that they seem to know exactly how to pick a ripe mango for this flavorful dessert! 

Other reviewers note that everything is made to order, and you can taste the freshness in dishes that feature fresh vegetables, making it a great source for getting your fruits and veggies in during the day.

Location: 1950 Hendersonville Road, Asheville. 

9. Pon’s Thai Cuisine

Best Thai Food in Asheville: Pons Thai Cuisine

In an unassuming location in a gas station, Pon’s Thai Cuisine is a bit of a best-kept secret – it’s a very small, one-woman operation that has won over a variety of guests who love it for flavorful takeout that is handmade in the traditional Thai way. 

I’ll warn you that there are detractors as well who have had to wait a long time (a small scratch-made operation can do this) and a few order mix-ups, but the people who love this spot really love it, and the price is right for great pad thai and big portions. 

Location: 3101 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville. 

There you have it! The 9 best Thai restaurants in Asheville, NC. What is your favorite Thai restaurant in Asheville? Let us know so we can give them a try!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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