Awesome Local Jewelry Stores in Asheville, North Carolina
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15 Amazing Local Jewelry Stores in Asheville

Asheville is undoubtedly a romantic place: plenty of people choose this spot for a sweet date night at a downtown restaurant, a romantic stroll through Biltmore Estate, or a cozy backpacking trip on the many nearby mountain trails. 

However, when it comes to a particular kind of sparkly accessory, Asheville is also a good destination: whether you’re looking for jewelry to commemorate an important occasion, seal your love with an engagement ring, or simply look your best in your chosen look, we’ve got jewelry stores in Asheville to share with you!

Asheville’s artisan culture means that there are plenty of options that are both traditional, multi-location shops that can source most of the standard looks in jewelry design, as well as mom-and-pop shops where individual jewelers create one-of-a-kind designs that you can enjoy. 

While the prices definitely vary, and you can spend quite a bit if this is a top-priority piece, you’ll also find more affordable fine jewelry as well as costume or budget items that are perfect for a particular theme party or night on the town. We wanted to showcase everything from a jewelry-forward gift shop to a top-notch place to get your ears pierced, in addition to more typical fine jewelry showrooms and casual jewelry artisans. 

Understanding Jewelry Price Points in Asheville

If something is truly beautiful and fits our taste, most of us don’t care whether it is casual jewelry or “fine jewelry,” but it’s key to understand what you’re looking at before your eyes glaze over at certain jewelry prices. 

Most jewelry prices are set based on a few factors: the skilled labor needed to create it, the machinery or equipment needed to do things like melt or bend metal, the price of the raw materials, and the value that the market has placed on a given designer’s creative choices in how they make the jewelry. 

In general, your casual jewelry will not require as much specialized equipment or will be mass-produced in some way. Handmade casual jewelry tends to be made with less expensive materials, even if the result is very beautiful. 

Many of the expensive metals and gemstones cost as much as they do because they are rare, hard to obtain (i.e., need to be mined!), and must be handled by specialists, such as the people who must cut stones to particular shapes. On the other hand, wire, beads, glass, and other items that are either easier to manufacture or simply more common may make for bold and lovely designs but not carry those high-end price tags. 

In any case, if you see a piece of jewelry that catches your eye but the price tag makes you balk, the first step is to talk to the customer service representative or the designer and ask about the features of that jewelry. Usually, learning the story of those sparkly earrings or that stunning ring will help you understand what causes the price differences.

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15 Amazing Local Jewelry Stores in Asheville

1. Fine and Bold Choices at Vrooman Designs

Vrooman Designs features the work of jewelry designer Dave Vrooman, who creates both his own bold and beautiful fine jewelry pieces and custom work. Reviewers online rave about the beauty of the work that he creates, the attention to detail in the custom design process, and the quality of the stones and metals he sources. 

His customers are happy with their wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. Dave’s own words are featured on his website, saying that his work is about what it means to be human, “unique, irregular, and beautiful. Perfect in our many imperfections.” What you’ll find in his collections is nothing less than one-of-a-kind art. 

Location: 19 Biltmore Avenue, #300, Asheville.

2. Wire Wrapping and More at Jewelry By Nadine in Kress Emporium

Just take a look around the website for Jewelry by Nadine, and you’ll see that this is a person with a passion for beautiful stones and settings – she pairs beautiful beads and stones with a variety of wire styles and uses the techniques of wire wrapping and wire weaving to create a setting for the stone, showing it off in all its brilliance. 

From simple earrings to intricate and complex chain-maille-style necklaces, you’ll find a wide variety of items for affordable prices, with some unique finds as well: she will do wire wrapping on fossils, for instance, and creates bangles using wire designs. Kress Emporium is already a destination when you’re looking for some one-of-a-kind gifts in Asheville, so stop by Jewelry by Nadine and see if anything speaks to you. 

Location: Inside Kress Emporium, 19 Patton Avenue, Asheville.

3. Generations of Experience at Spicer Greene Jewelers

Favorite Jewelry Shops in Asheville: Spicer Greene Jewelers
Images courtesy of Spicer Greene Jewelers

From sourcing and upcycling estate jewelry to crafting their own custom pieces from their selection of loose diamonds, Spicer Greene Jewelers has extensive expertise. They even have a watch repair shop if your family has an heirloom watch that you want to tick again. 

This shop has been a go-to among Asheville residents and visitors for generations now, and it makes sense when you walk into their showroom and see the sheer variety and top-notch customer service. 

While they source some of the most impressive diamonds and diamond jewelry you can imagine, they also offer a wide array of price points, and their customer service is attentive and thoughtful, no matter whether you’re shopping vintage semi-precious stone jewelry or their largest and most dazzling diamonds. 

Location: 121 Patton Avenue, Asheville.

4. Find Something Unique at Alexander and Lehnert

The beautiful shop Alexander and Lehnert is inside the classy Grove Arcade and offers a wide variety of jewelry that is designed by the owners. Custom designs come from the designers in the name of the store, Michele Alexander and Bill Lehnert. Their work emphasizes and brings attention to high-quality gemstones. 

Find Alexander’s contemporary work in sterling silver and 18K gold and Lehnert’s diamond and precious stone jewelry set in both 14K and 18K gold, and enjoy the excitement of finding a piece that truly reflects your style and personality. 

Location: 1 Page Avenue, #142, Asheville.

5. Custom and Ready to Wear Jewelry at Fox and Beaux Boutique

Asheville Jewelry Stores to Visit: Fox and Beaux
Images courtesy of Fox and Beaux

As far as creating a warm, personal feeling the minute you walk in the door, Fox and Beaux stands out. The team is sweet and down-to-earth, all while giving you access to high-quality jewelry that offers refreshing new takes on the standard looks of engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Their in-store collection is beautiful and a great way to see the team’s range: from beautiful beaded earrings to rings set with unusual stones, you’ll find a huge variety. Reviewers truly rave about the custom experience: if you have a dream and a vision for your perfect rings or necklace, the team at Fox and Beaux is ready to work with you through a free consultation to design your dream items. 

In addition to their fine-jewelry custom work, they work with local artisans to source items that will suit a variety of tastes and budgets, so definitely stop in even if you aren’t working on a custom piece.

Location: 56 Haywood Street, Asheville.

6. Parkers’ Karat Patch Jewelers

Known around the city and around the country for custom jewelry needs and services, Parker’s Karat Patch is located on Weaverville Road heading away from downtown Asheville toward the North. 

In the store’s more than four decades of service and care, the team at Parkers’ Karat Patch Jewelers has developed a reputation for sourcing incredibly high-quality jewelry as well as their ability to do a variety of repairs and restorations, including jewelry restoration, gold recycling, appraisals and gemstone identification, watch repair, and more. 

If you have a priceless heirloom that needs to be restored to its former glory, definitely consider this spot. The strong customer service attitude of the team there will help you find the right next step for the jewelry you already love or find a new piece that will have people talking every time you wear it.

Location: 311 Weaverville Road, Asheville.

7. Four Decades of Expertise at Paula Dawkins Fine Jewelry

Asheville Jewelry Stores to Visit: Paula Dawkins Fine Jewelry
Images courtesy of Paula Dawkins

Paula Dawkins has spent over 40 years as a jewelry designer, so you’ll find that her incredible showroom in downtown Asheville is full of pieces of jewelry that showcase her expertise and signature flair. 

With so much history, Dawkins is mostly available by appointment for custom designs, and her process allows her to understand your vision fully and journey with you to a completed jewelry item that features your creative input and her knowledge of gold and gemstone design possibilities. 

Best Jewelry Stores in Asheville, NC: Paula Dawkins Fine Jewelry

Other interesting services offered at her shop are restyling or taking older jewelry and updating it so that it fits your aesthetic or becomes less out-of-date. There is also the possibility of repairing jewelry, getting beading and pearls reattached correctly to those kinds of jewelry, and appraising gemstones for insurance and estate purposes.  

Location: 65 Haywood Street, Asheville.

8. World-Class Style at Mora Jewelry

Best Jewelry Shops in Asheville, NC: Mora Jewelry
Images courtesy of Mora Jewelry

Mora isn’t all about just one designer – this Asheville jewelry shop offers the artisanal-boutique experience of an Asheville shopping trip but for world-class jewelry design of all kinds. Mora Jewelry sources designs from all over that are truly unique, pulling on classic metalwork as well as modern technologically-enhanced methods of jewelry production. 

The eclectic style of the shop means that you might walk in to shop for a piece of vibrant casual jewelry while your friend picks out a one-of-a-kind fine jewelry engagement ring – it’s all here!  

Curator Marthe Le Van takes great pleasure in finding amazing artists and showcasing their fascinating collections. Come to Mora for whatever you like, but you’re still sure to be a bit dazzled and surprised when you arrive.

Location: 9 W Walnut Street, #2a, Asheville.

9. Jewelry and More at Embellish Asheville

Asheville Jewelry Stores to Visit: Embellish Asheville
Images courtesy of Embellish Asheville

Embellish Asheville is a gift store and a spot to find the perfect accessories that will “embellish” any outfit or ensemble. That includes a variety of thoughtfully-curated jewelry, so they made the list. 

From classy hairpins to delicate earrings, geometric pendants to wooden cuff bracelets, you’ll find a whole collection of the unusual, the minimalist, and the perfectly suited. If you’re not absolutely sure that you’ll be doing jewelry for a particular person’s gift, this shop is perfect for you. 

You can shop handbags, hats, candles, and journals as well, giving you a wide variety of options, in the fanciful and classic styles that are part of the Embellish aesthetic. 

Location: 59 Broadway Street, Asheville.

10. Start the Process Online and Visit a Showroom at Hera Engagement Rings

Best Jewelry Stores in Asheville,NC: Hera Engagement Rings
Images courtesy of Hera Engagement Rings

Hera Engagement Rings has set out to make the process of picking an engagement ring more transparent so that people really know what they are buying. The jeweler Lauren Boc does a lot of online education to help shoppers understand the value they bring. 

Hera works to live its values, focusing on affordable and conflict-free lab-grown stones, inclusive sizing that doesn’t charge more for a larger ring size, high-quality designs and materials, and sustainability through recycled metals and carbon-neutral shipping. 

While much of the process can be conducted online, there is an appointment-only showroom in Asheville that can allow you to see the collection and pick the perfect fit. 

Location: 67 Broadway Street, Suite 226, Asheville.

11. From Glass to Gold at Blue Goldsmiths

This shop is a sight to behold: in addition to fine jewelry, Blue Goldsmiths features incredible blown-glass art in a variety of colors and shapes. Their jewelry collection features recycled gold, brilliant stones, and a contemporary styling that makes their beautiful pieces cutting-edge and unique. 

The shop is committed to only natural, conflict-free diamonds, one of the signature values of the shop, and the designs are crafted by master goldsmith Susan West. She creates a collection each year that features her signature but non-conventional style, and she is also available to work with clients who want custom rings that are Susan West originals. 

Location: 1 Swan Street, Asheville

12. Sell or Buy Vintage Jewelry at Estate Jewelry LTD

With so many of us liking to thrift our clothes and shop secondhand, it only makes sense that anyone with a vintage sensibility would love to shop a pre-owned selection of jewelry too! Estate Jewelry LTD offers their expertise in evaluating vintage pre-owned jewelry to our community. 

While buying a ring or necklace from an estate sale can be a confusing process if you don’t know what the quality is or the origin, the experts at Estate Jewelry are focused on finding and buying the best items and selling them to you, establishing their reputation as the people who know about pre-owned jewelry. 

Not only is the shop darling and fun to explore, you’ll find that this is a great place to go if you’ve found some family jewelry and want to understand what they are worth or want to sell them to someone who knows what you have. It’s the must-stop spot for retro and vintage looking items as well – nothing quite beats the real deal in vintage!

Location: 2 Boston Way, Asheville.

13. Both New Jewelry and Expert Repair at D.C. Creasman Manufacturers of Jewelry

One of the longest-standing jewelry stores in Asheville is the D.C. Creasman Jewelers company, which launched in the Asheville Mall but eventually became a standalone shop. While Creasman is second to none in terms of custom work and sourcing high-quality designer brands, this shop has a strong reputation as a place where you can entrust your jewelry items that need repair. 

With their offering of a free cleaning and check of the prongs on your jewelry, you can ensure that recent potential damage to your rings, bracelets, or necklaces is quickly repaired. Losing a stone, breaking a chain, or bending a ring can all be fixed, and usually with a strong turnaround time given how many of the on-site jewelers are also experts in repair. 

They also are happy to do custom work, with a special focus on creating wedding bands that fit perfectly with an existing engagement ring (or vice versa, depending on what ring you’d like to be custom-made!). 

Location: 269 Tunnel Road, Asheville.

14. Get Your Piercings at Bella Fine Jewelry and Piercing

Bella Fine Jewelry and Piercing is a great spot because they make their own high-quality piercing jewelry but they are first and foremost a piercing shop, ready to deliver new earrings, nose rings, and more. 

The reviewers really appreciate the excellent customer service and commitment to cleanliness and quality, which can be uneven if you’ve ever visited other piercing shops. Because they offer hand-crafted jewelry, we include it despite their focus on piercing, and after all, you need ear piercings to wear earrings! 

Be aware that they are a professional piercing studio and work based on appointments, so getting an appointment ahead of time may be your best bet. 

Location: 51 Coxe Avenue, Asheville.

15. Meaningful Gifts and a Mission at Soulku

Must Visit Jewelry Store in Asheville: Soulku
Images courtesy of Soulku

For affordable jewelry for gifts and everyday occasions, you can understand why people turn to Soulku for fun gemstone jewelry. There are collections based on the properties of each gemstone, signs of the zodiac, or even the Enneagram personality types, so gifting one of their necklaces or bracelets comes with a little story or background idea. 

One of the neat aspects of this business is that the designs are made and then assembled by stay-at-home Moms in the Asheville area – creating real gemstone jewelry and also creating a reliable source of income for women with unpredictable hours and availability. 

With local workers making the jewelry and each piece designed to offer a particular kind of positive energy or encouragement, these affordable options are perfect when you want something a little sparkly to add to your day.

Location: 45 S French Broad Ave, #180, Asheville. 

There you have it! The 15 best jewelry stores in Asheville, NC. Let us know your favorite Asheville jewelers in the comments below!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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