Complete Guide to Electric Cars and EV Charging in Asheville

If you’ve spent time in North Asheville, you’ll immediately notice that Asheville has a fleet of hybrids, and other electric-powered cars.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll see that they are definitely a presence here, even if gas-powered cars are still the overwhelming majority of any traffic jam coming down Merrimon.

It’s worth knowing why people are both excited about electric cars in Asheville and why other folks think the technology isn’t ready yet. Here are some thoughts to consider if you’re on the fence.

These cars have a smaller carbon footprint than those with tailpipe gas emissions.


Creating an Environmental Impact When You Can Charge Sustainably; Maintenance Reduction

As far as cons go, lithium batteries require a lot of rare minerals, leading people to wonder if we can really mine enough lithium to be safe.


Impact of Batteries and Range Questions

Both plug-in hybrids and regular hybrids will save you some on gas and keep you dependent on gas stations, not EV charging stations.

What About Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Cars?

The best way to find out if a local dealership has any electric vehicles in stock is to just call ahead.

What Dealerships Carry Electric Vehicles?

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