Cúrate Restaurant Review:

Tapas are Meant to be Shared

Cúrate has been a hub of downtown dining for many years, opening in 2011 after chefs Katie Button and Jose Meana spent years in the industry.

When I walked in on a cool late June day with overcast skies, I was immediately greeted by friendly hostesses.

If you opt to dine at Cúrate alone, the bar is a great place to do it, both to save seats in a restaurant that is regularly packed and to have a bit of a show.

I ordered a cortado, a small coffee drink consisting of espresso and just the slightest hint of milk.

What I ordered

It reminded me of cortados in Spain. This one was perfect, with the espresso flavor front-and-center and intact.


My first dish was the always-nostalgic berenjenas con miel, an eggplant, honey, and rosemary dish that isn’t a recognized flavor combo in the States but is everywhere in Madrid.

My first dish

The batter is crisp and simple, and the eggplant is in the perfect sweet spot of firmness, neither soggy nor tough.

My first dish

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