Sip, Swirl, and Socialize at Asheville’s Best Wine Bars

While Asheville definitely has a reputation for being a city of beer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of wine bars in Asheville.

While Western NC isn’t a big wine-producing area, there are still a few Asheville winery options in the surrounding zones, with small vineyards in Asheville area counties.

Visit these excellent Asheville wine bars and see if you can’t find a new favorite kind of wine to carry home to share as a memory of your trip!

WALLS Wine Bar

Here, wine drinkers have something beautiful and thought-provoking to look at, and art viewers get an additional sensory experience from the wine selection.


Leo’s House of Thirst

Leo’s House of Thirst is one of the wine bars in Asheville not to miss. It’s at the quieter end of Haywood Road and will offer you an amazing garden to drink in.


Wine Pleb Urban Winery

The many wines I’ve tried there always surprise: I tried my first sparkling red wine there, for instance, and many of the wines have a dry but complex palate.


The Aventine Wine Tasting Room

At The Aventine, you’ll find wine-loving bartenders who can talk extensively about the wines they create.


Botanist and Barrel

While perhaps best known for their ciders, Botanist and Barrel offers some of the most exquisite wines made with NC grapes, and they are incredibly pure.


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