The 18 Best Restaurants in Brevard, NC

You might be a long-time resident, or you might be coming for your first trip. No matter which description fits you, you’re going to need some grub!

The restaurants in Brevard offer plenty of options for dietary restrictions, from allergy-friendly options to vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Here are our picks for a wide variety of well-loved and delicious restaurants in Brevard!

Rocky’s Grill and Soda Shop

This old-fashioned soda shop will have everyone harkening back to times gone by, but the food itself will be a crowd-pleaser for everyone.


Vescovo Neighborhood Eatery

Vescovo brings this attention to the details of an Italian-focused menu, resulting in classic flavors that are well-sourced and truly delicious.


Mayberry’s Soups and Sandwiches

Diners love the Sweet Apple Bacon Sandwich, the Gingered Pork or Chicken Sandwich, the Turkey and Wild Rice Soup, or the Seven Layer Salad.


Corky’s Dawg House

From the Breakfast Dawg covered in bacon, egg, and cheese to a Kielbasa or Veggie Bratwurst, you’ve got all kinds of hot dog options at Corky’s.


Grammys Restaurant

Visitors rave about the big portion sizes, the affordable prices, and the homey atmosphere.


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