The Best Places to go Berry Picking in and Around Asheville

While there’s something charming about buying your produce at a farmer’s market, many people enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Thus farms near Asheville, NC, have created an experience out of fruit picking, allowing you to buy the berries and apples you pick by the pound.

If you’ve got a hankering for fruit and prefer to pick your own, here are some farms where you can often find u-pick berry options near Asheville!

Cloud 9 Farm

Cloud 9 Farm really combines a variety of agricultural and tourism pursuits to create a sustainable business model.


Dogwood Hills Fruit Berry Farm

This beautiful farm outside of the small town of Weaverville offers blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and apples, all grown to organic standards.


Ten Acre Garden

At Ten Acre, they have greenhouses that also help to extend the growing season, getting things planted before the fields are warm and ready for summer crops.


Long Branch Environmental Education Center

Here, you’ll find options for all kinds of berries, from heritage red raspberries to the native black cap raspberries.


Spirit Orchards

Fruits of the Spirit Orchards on Sugarloaf Mountain offers an amazing view and lovely breezes as you pick your own blackberries in four different varieties.


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