The 20 Best Boutiques in Asheville Where You Can Shop Like a Local

People may come to Asheville with a list of restaurants to try or a list of breweries to visit, but you really shouldn’t miss out on the shopping in Asheville either.

Frequenting the best boutiques in Asheville means you’re likely to find a lot of items sourced with an ethical, sustainable effort made to provide both high quality and a supply chain that supports textile workers.

We do recommend that anyone who loves shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories set aside a budget to enjoy the many, many clothing boutiques in Asheville.

AdLib Boutique

When it comes to shops in Asheville, a great place to start is AdLib boutique, which bills itself as offering “creative clothing for inspired living.”


Honeypot Vintage

For over 20 years, Ashevillians have been turning to Honeypot Vintage for everything from 1920s fashion to 1980s clothing for all genders.


Minx Boutique

You’ll find everything from bright, colorful florals to demure neutrals, all ready for your next show-stopper evening out or a breezy business casual look for the office.


Moonlight Makers

Moonlight Makers offers a wide variety of mugs, window decals, wax melts, candles, and magnets. Their designs are adorable and distinctive.


Posies for Lulu Vintage

The passionate owner and operator of Posies for Lulu Vintage is the genuine article… of vintage clothing, that is!


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