The 15 Best Bars in Asheville for a Girls’ Night Out

The best bars in Asheville, contrary to popular Beer City USA belief, aren’t all breweries.

There are plenty of breezy rooftop bars, classy hole-in-the-wall cocktail bars, and even dessert bars where you’d be surprised by the ambiance and the fun.

Here are some of our favorite stops for a girls’ night out in Asheville, highlighting the bars that we enjoy most here in town.

Ginger’s Revenge

Ginger’s Revenge is a local hard ginger beer company. It’s amazing that the Asheville community can support so many niche brands.


Hemingway’s Cuba

The cocktail list includes, of course, a lot of excellent tropical rum drinks, like the Sunset on Pilar, which features Flor De Caña rum, papaya puree, mint, and lime juice.


Crave Dessert Bar

Crave Dessert Bar in downtown Asheville is the perfect answer to the daydream that the dessert list is easily as long as the list of main courses.


the Crow & Quill

The space features mood lighting and tons of antiques, meaning that you and your ladies will always have something to look at and marvel about.



Antidote is also one of the best rooftop bars in Asheville, but if the weather is bad, you can still party on the other two stories of Antidote.


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