The Best Activities and Playgroups for Babies and Toddlers in Asheville, NC

Many parents who began their parenting journey in some season of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced the reduction in socializing options during that time.

Life is busy, and finding Asheville activities for kids can seem daunting, but once you have a routine of gathering with others, you’ll see just how fulfilling it is.

These activities range between organized activities and more free-play experiences but are all targeted at our smallest kids, the babies and toddlers.

Kaleidoscope Play and Learn Groups

In general, I can’t speak highly enough of these programs. This really helps and can be a good way for parents who are considering more childcare.


Tiny Tykes at Stephen-Lee

The team at Tiny Tykes fill the space with interactive toys and an organized craft to fill the two hours from 10 am to noon for little ones.


Free Play Indoors at Play Space AVL

With a drop-in session pass, your child can play on the indoor climbing and sliding structure.


Build Skills and Friendships at Swim Lessons

They are rain-or-shine since they are often held in indoor pools, which makes for a nice activity when it is too cold to play outside for a long time.


Sunny Day Play Space

Sunny Day Play Space is an indoor playground for little ones who are 6 years old or younger, with a beautiful climbing and playing area.


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