A Neighborhood Guide to Asheville, North Carolina

While Asheville has a few common characteristics throughout the city, the particular neighborhood you choose may be a little distinctive or special.

North of downtown Asheville is a nice combination set of neighborhoods. While most spots in North Asheville are less than 15 minutes to downtown, they offer more single-family housing and historic homes.

Check out these options for some great ideas for where to stay in Asheville, NC.

Explore a Bed-and-Breakfast Haven in Montford

This area is full of historic homes, many of which have been well-preserved and beautifully renovated, and it’s an area where many small inns and bed and breakfasts have popped up.


Enjoy the Golf and the Views at Lakeview Park

The neighborhood that borders the Country Club of Asheville, Lakeview Park, includes some of the most stunning and opulent houses in town.


Get to Know the Wellness District in Chestnut Hills

This neighborhood, like much of North Asheville, offers a lot of historic craftsman-style homes, but it is also the home to a growing “Wellness District,” with many massage and bodywork businesses located in this area.


Experience the Creative Renaissance in the River Arts District

What was once a quiet part of the city with few businesses and little activity has blossomed into a network of artists’ studios that are also sales spaces, as well as a thriving greenway.


Live the Walkability Life in Downtown

Downtown Asheville has a lot to recommend it for both visitors who want to walk to everything and people who want a bit of that “city life” when they move to Asheville.


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