The Best Yoga Classes and Studios in Asheville, NC

Yoga in Asheville: The Best Yoga Studios, Classes, and Events

Yoga describes a range of practices that involve breathing, mindful meditation, movement, vigorous exercise, or a combination of these practices. While yoga’s roots are in Hindu spirituality and healing practices, it can now be practiced both in those contexts and in a more exercise-only setting with less of the philosophical roots included. 

Asheville is a popular place to practice yoga, with classes offered in many of the full-service gyms and the YMCA, but if you’d like to get to know some Asheville yoga studios that are specifically dedicated to yoga classes, we’ve gathered a few for you. 

Consider which one offers the styles you like at a reasonable distance from your spot. Bonus: many yoga studios in Asheville will offer a special deal for unlimited yoga for a week for those who are coming into town as visitors and want to attend as many classes as they can! 

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The Best Asheville Yoga Studios, Classes & Experiences

1. Train with the Yogis at the Asheville Yoga Center

Must Try Yoga Studios in Asheville: Asheville Yoga Center
Image courtesy of Asheville Yoga Center

The Asheville Yoga Center is located in an idyllic part of North Asheville near Charlotte Street and has enough space to really be a bit of a yoga complex. You can easily sign up for the course of your choice online, and keep an eye out for special events, since one of the main buildings is devoted to training, education, and retreats of various kinds. 

The classes overall skew intermediate to advanced, with many very strong practitioners involved. Even classes like Yin and Restorative Yoga, as well as Yoga Nidra, which tend to be fairly gentle, can vary in intensity, so don’t be afraid to modify your yoga practice if you find yourself in a class more advanced than anticipated. 

That being said, the people who work at the center are very knowledgeable and happily direct visitors to beginner’s classes or classes that might fit their interests and needs. 

Location: 211 S. Liberty St., Asheville

2. Be a Part of Everything at Asheville Community Yoga

Must-try Yoga Studios in Asheville: Asheville Community Yoga
Images courtesy of Nick Levine

One of the reasons why I appreciate Asheville Community Yoga, a studio in Woodfin just north of Asheville, is that they have sustained their mission of being a non-profit donation-based studio for more than a dozen years. 

Rather than charging set rates for classes, they ask for a donation of $10-$20 per class but turn no one away. You can volunteer as a greeter, do yardwork on the grounds, or work in their yoga-gear thrift shop Zen and Now, and you can also simply come as you are and experience a class. 

I believe that their success is due to people catching what a special atmosphere this place holds and wanting to be a part of it as much as possible, either through volunteering, donations, or both.

There are class maximums, but be aware that popular times fill yoga spaces to capacity, but because there are simply so many classes offered (many teachers volunteer their time as teachers!), you’re likely to find one that has space for you and for which you have space. 

Location: 8 Brookdale Rd, Asheville

3. Feel at Home at West Asheville Yoga

Yoga in Asheville Studios and Classes: West Asheville Yoga
Image courtesy of West Asheville Yoga

This small Asheville yoga studio is well-loved as a West Asheville staple, a place to feel both challenged and comforted by the familiar practices and poses of yoga. Their prenatal yoga class has generated lasting friendships, and their various workshops and classes in all kinds of practices – including yoga, meditation, and philosophy – are well-attended and beloved. 

Try the Slow Flow class if you want to get to know the poses well, or bring your toddler or kid to the Young Yoga classes for specific age ranges. Restorative and Yin Yoga classes bring long stretches of time to a given pose, often perfect for getting into deep muscle stretching and relaxation. There’s something for every beginner as well as every advanced practitioner at West Asheville Yoga

Location: 602 Haywood Road, Asheville

4. Get Your Blood Pumping at Hot Yoga Asheville

Best Yoga Studio and Classes in Asheville: Hot Yoga Asheville
Image courtesy of Hot Yoga Asheville, Photographer Adi Westerman

While many studios are capable of doing a warmer yoga class, Hot Yoga Asheville specializes in it. Each studio is outfitted with infrared heat generators, a kind of quiet, safe heat that helps with blood flow and metabolism as you practice movements in 100-105-degree heat. 

They strive to create an open, loving, and non-judgmental community where people find healing and awareness, according to their website. While you might initially worry that you’ll feel too warm in the yoga class, the instructors are experienced in helping people modify their workouts to stay safe, and there is plenty of water on hand to make sure you stay hydrated during the heat. If you have been wanting to try hot yoga in Asheville, this is the place to begin!

Location: 802 Fairview Road #100, Asheville

5. Find Your Alignment at Iyengar Yoga Asheville

Iyengar Yoga is based on the bodywork and yoga practice of Yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, and studios following his teaching and work use his name as an identifier. While not differentiated entirely from other practices, many Iyengar-driven classes will focus on finding excellent alignment of the body, using props like blocks and bolsters to support the body in achieving the correct form. 

Similarly, breathwork is very important, so learning patterns of breath to achieve the various breathing techniques in a class will also matter. At Iyengar Yoga Asheville, one of the main yoga studios in Asheville that uses this method of practice, there are open yoga practice sessions many mornings of the week, as well as general yoga classes, philosophy discussions, and introductory classes to help beginners understand Pranayama, the regulation of breath through the yoga practice. 

Location: 111 Grovewood Road, Asheville

6. Work Holistically at Purna Yoga 828

Purna is a word for “complete,” and at Purna Yoga 828, you’re moving beyond just thinking about physical exercise as the goal. The particular kind of poses and breathwork practiced at Purna Yoga are an off-shoot of Iyengar alignment-focused yoga. 

The courses are well-documented on the website, from Start Yoga Now, a very early beginner’s course, to Purna Yoga Basics, Meditation, and Movement, all the way up to upper-level Strength & Stamina classes. Students comment on how knowledgeable the teachers are about anatomy and optimal alignment, as well as the feeling of community support that they get during classes.

Location: 697 D Haywood Road, Asheville 

7. Find Ease at Good Yoga

Good Yoga is a small studio owned by Kelly McKibben, a Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Integrative Yoga Therapist. Her class attendees mention how Kelly is exceptional at helping people with bodies of all sizes and ages to find ease and strength in the poses of her yoga class with gentleness and self-acceptance. 

Small group and private classes are available, making it a particularly good setting for you to get to know yoga practices and get some personalized attention as you embark on a journey of practicing yoga in Asheville. 

Location: 19 Olney Road, Asheville

8. Visit Ashtanga Yoga Asheville – The Mysore Room

While some yogis get a lot out of disappearing into a crowd of bodies and feeling at one with a group as they practice, others really want to see their own improvement through individualized instruction in smaller groups. 

Ashtanga Yoga Asheville – The Mysore Room offers Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga, a style that focuses on deeply understanding the fundamentals of yoga as you build a practice from the ground up. Anyone can do it, and the instructors are familiar enough to help both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners get to their own next level. 

It’s particularly impressive as a way to get fundamentals set for a home practice. While you can continue improving in Mysore-style Ashtanga classes, much of the work happens when rolling out your mat daily at home. If you have ever looked frantically around a yoga room to try to figure out why everyone else knows how to do something, a class like this could be deeply meaningful since you won’t be left behind without knowing what’s going on. 

Location: 172 Deaver Street, Asheville

9. Breathe Deep at Breeze Yoga Space

Breeze Yoga Space began as a simple need: yogis in Asheville wanted a place to practice that offered protection from the elements while still offering the robust airflow of an outdoor space to prevent the spread of COVID 19. 

Breeze has continued with regulars and newbies who want the same level of health and safety, even if winter classes can thus be a bit chilly! Various teachers offer classes that you can book online. Because classes are restricted to only a few spots, it’s wise to book in advance at least a little. 

Location: 515 Short McDowell Street Building 3, Asheville

10. Come As You Are to Happy Body 

Rather than a large class format, Happy Body uses yoga in the context of a wider mission of wellness, including Pilates, personal training, massage, and a bodywork therapy known as Ortho-Bionomy. 

Yoga formats include semi-private classes for a truly small group, as well as private and therapeutic yoga that specifically addresses recovery from injury, illness, or chronic pain. There are also workshops and series of classes that teach particular skills, such as Yoga for Balance or Yin Yoga for Anxiety and Stress. As part of their holistic approach to fitness and wellness, Happy Body is a great example of how yoga fits into a wider strategy for healing and strength. 

Location: 1378 Hendersonville Road e2, Asheville

11. Breathe in the Outdoors at Yoga in the Park Asheville

Most Recommended Yoga Studios and Classes in Asheville: Yoga in the Park

Local yoga instructor Ceiara Cartony has created a community of yogis who practice in Carrier Park on Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting, and explore various elements of yoga practice while enjoying the quiet sounds of the French Broad River nearby and the natural beauty of the park. 

Reserving a spot for Yoga in the Park Asheville requires payment in advance. Payment options can be found through the instructor’s website. You’ll find updates about winter classes held indoors or not being held on the Yoga in the Park Asheville Facebook page. Her classes vary in focus but usually have a thoughtful message beyond the movements themselves. 

Location: 220 Amboy Road (Carrier Park), Asheville

12. Get Fit at HOTWORX

If you’re not really interested in the philosophy behind yoga but rather want to use it in tandem with other styles of movement to get into shape, HOTWORX might be the right option for you. This 24-hour infrared fitness studio keeps rooms nice and toasty while you perform yoga postures, Pilates, barre, and other exercises, helping your body get the most benefit from the postures and movements. 

At the same studio, you can do cycling, rowing, and other High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises, so this studio is less about yoga and more a place to achieve all-around high performance.  

Location: 190 Hendersonville Road, Suite 60. Asheville

13. Experience a Genuine Class at Weaverville Yoga

Asheville Yoga Studios and Classes: Weaverville Yoga
Image courtesy of Weaverville Yoga

Just north of Asheville is the smaller town of Weaverville, and in its charming downtown, you will find Weaverville Yoga. The teachers there are experienced and offer classes in Anahata yoga and yoga for ages 50 and older, Pilates, Gentle Movement, Meditation, T’ai Chi, Qigong, Tone & Strength, and even yoga specifically for hikers and bikers.

The studio is full of natural light, and each class has its own unique personality, making it a safe, gentle, and pleasant place to practice, whether you’re new to the practice or looking for a community after practicing for decades. 

Location: 3 Florida Avenue, Weaverville

14. Join Your Yoga Community at Love Shine Play Festival

Asheville Yoga Studios and Classes: Asheville Love Shine Play Festival
Image courtesy of Emilly Nichols

Asheville is such a yoga-loving paradise that we have our own multi-day festival devoted to yoga classes in Asheville! The Love Shine Play Festival (formerly known as the Asheville Yoga Festival) involves buying a single ticket that admits you to the whole festival. 

Using a scheduling app on your phone, you select the classes you’d like to take in one of the various downtown venues (which are all easily walkable). It’s an amazing way to either really go deep with yoga all at once or find a community of other devoted yogis, many of whom also love Asheville. 

It can be a fun way to get to know downtown, too, since you may take advantage of downtown’s many cafes, tea shops, and restaurants as you spend all day immersed in your practice!

There you have it! The top yoga classes in Asheville. What are your favorite yoga studios in Asheville? Let us know so we can add them to the list.


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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