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A Local’s Guide to the Best Pizza in Asheville

It can feel like a cliché to say that your favorite food is pizza, but it’s got to be a common answer for a reason! 

Particularly if you’ve tried some of the best pizza in Asheville, you’ll understand why the combination of stretchy, crisp-then-chewy dough, slow-cooked sauce, gooey cheese, and all manner of toppings has become one of the staples of United States diets and a favorite in many other parts of the world too. 

People visiting Western NC are also spoiled for choice here because there are tons of pizza places in Asheville that all have a slightly different vibe. Whether you’re north, south, east, or west of the city, the best pizza places in Asheville are ready to dish up the steamy slices you crave. 

Because we know that everyone isn’t in the mood for pizza right now, we also included Italian restaurants in Asheville that offer at least a few pizza options. Picking where to eat in Asheville is a delicious choice since you really can’t go wrong with the many options available! 

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The 18 Best Pizza Places in Asheville

1. End an Epic Night at PIE.ZAA

Most Recommended Pizza Places in Asheville: PIE.ZAA
Image courtesy of PIE.ZAA

When I was first considering a visit to PIE.ZAA, I thought it was silly that some of the guests mentioned needing two paper plates to hold one slice of New York-style pizza. “Why not just pick it up in their hands and fold it like the New Yorkers do?” 

What I hadn’t counted on was the sheer massiveness of a slice from PIE.ZAA. My one slice of pepperoni completely engulfed two standard paper plates, and I was reduced to nibbling even as I folded this slice – they are just that large. 

The standout for me at this place was a cherry pepper and parmesan sauce they offer called Zip. I’m not a spice person usually, but the combination of creaminess and bright heat was absolutely addictive! 

Don’t turn down a slice from PIE.ZAA if you can help it. Located within a quick walk of many South Slope breweries, it’s a great way to soak up the beer a bit and end an epic evening out with some Asheville pizza.

2. Watch a Movie with a Slice and a Beer at Asheville Pizza and Brewing

Best Pizzas in Asheville: Asheville Pizza and Brewing Scaled

While you can absolutely get a takeout pie from Asheville Pizza and Brewing’s various locations, they make it hard to leave with a fun and friendly brewpub atmosphere. Their original location also features two movie theaters, one that shows various classics and new releases and the other which holds special events of various kinds like trivia and viewing parties. 

The legendary pizzas feature irreverent names and funky flavor combos, like Magnum P.I.E., which features red sauce with a coconut crust as well as ham, bacon, and pineapple. Or the Shear Delight, with a sesame seed crust, pesto base, mushrooms, walnuts, and gorgonzola. 

Guide to The Best Pizzas in Asheville: Asheville Pizza and Brewing Scaled

The menu also has a long list of burritos, bowls, fried appetizers, salads, and wings, so everyone from the most careful veggie-centric eater to the person who wants to eat their weight in tacos can find something to nosh. With so much fun and in-house brewed beers, you’ll find yourself coming back time and again, even if they’re showing a flick you didn’t like that much. 

Be aware that the downtown and South Asheville locations don’t have movie theaters, but downtown does sometimes show movies on their outdoor patio projector screen. 

3. Eat a Great Pizza Out and About at the Tin Can Pizzeria Food Truck

Locals Favorite Pizza Places in Asheville: Asheville Tin Can Pizzeria
Images courtesy of Tin Can Pizzeria

Making a pizza oven mobile is a real challenge, but the folks at Tin Can Pizzeria haven’t just done that – they have also made some of the tastiest pies in Asheville! They start by bulk fermenting their sourdough crust for 72 hours, creating the stretchy, flavorful dough that will form the base for their local tasty ingredients. 

While you can book them for events and weddings, making a great “pizza bar” for your guests, you can also find them serving at various places around the city during the warmer season at breweries and local festivals downtown. They’ve made appearances at Downtown After 5, for instance. 

If you happen to catch the owner of the truck during a chill moment, ask about retrofitting the truck to become a pizzeria on wheels – it’s a pretty cool transformation they were able to create!

4. Get a Slice in the Heart of Downtown at Manicomio Pizza & Food

Best Pizzas in Asheville: Manicomio
Images courtesy of Manicomio

You’re walking down the main drag of downtown Asheville, maybe before seeing a film at the Fine Arts Theatre or a show at the Orange Peel, and you are dreaming of cheese, sauce, and crust. Manicomio’s laid-back digs and high-quality eats will leave you full and happy, and if the night is nice, you can enjoy the largest outdoor patio in downtown. 

As one of the best Italian restaurants in Asheville, they’ve got a wide variety of popular pizzas, subs, salads, and pastas, with some house specialties like the AshVegan pizza (made with garlic, spinach, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and vegan mozzarella), or the Eggplant Rollatini, a stuffed eggplant dish filled with lots of cheese and pasta sauce on top. 

Watch the sunset while you sink your teeth into the many tasty Italian favorites at this Asheville standby.

5. Unleash Your Inner Pizza-logist at White Labs Brewing Company

Guide to The Best Pizzas in Asheville: White Labs Brewing Co.
Image courtesy of White Labs Brewing Co.

The folks at White Labs Brewing Co. are trying to meld the art of making delicious food and beer with the science behind great fermentation. They make their own brewer’s yeast and have been experimenting with how different strains of yeast change the flavor profiles possible in beer for a long time. 

In order to create some of the best pizza in Asheville, therefore, they created a Neapolitan-style pizza dough leavened with one of their ultra-special yeast varieties, fermented for three days, and then baked in a wood-fired pizza oven that achieves a truly magnificent char and set of uneven, flavorful bubbles. It’s the perfect pizza!

You can sub vegan cheese and vegan Italian sausage onto your pizza, and you can choose from various house standbys like the mushroom, herbed ricotta, garlic, walnut, arugula, and lemon pie, or the Cacio e Pepe pizza with a black pepper white sauce and arugula. Pair it with one of their yeast-strain-named beers, and you’ve got a scientific formula for a tasty night. 

6. Enjoy a Pie in the RAD at All Souls Pizza

Best Pizzas in Asheville: All Souls Pizza Scaled

At the outer edge of the River Arts District is a flavorful pizza parlor dedicated to some of the tastiest flavor combos on individual pizzas. Think pizza elevated – these are pies you might split with a date but which are meant to be enjoyed as a single entree. 

At All Souls Pizza, you can choose from the “greens” pie, which combines greens, leeks, fromage blanc, and mozzarella, or the “honey,” a pepperoni and banana peppers pie with a sweet honey topping. 

Accompaniments like their mushroom and farro soup, their fried catfish appetizer, or a bowl of warm olives make the experience feel like a fine evening in a little Italian cafe. Just don’t come expecting to order a large takeout pizza for a crowd – that’s just not on the menu.  

7. Enjoy Delicious Options in Two Locations at Fresh Wood Fired Pizza

Guide to The Best Pizzas in Asheville: Fresh Wood Fired Pizza
Images courtesy of Fresh Wood Fired Pizza

Both in the River Arts District and in the charming East-of-Asheville town of Black Mountain, you can eat delicious pizza and all the Italian tastiness you desire. Fresh Wood Fired Pizza has a suite of fascinating pizza options, including specialties like the Alaskan, a smoked salmon pizza with dill and caper cream sauce, or the Drunken Clam, which pairs diced clams with a buttery wine sauce, garlic, and bacon. 

The Nachos Italiano is a fun mix of crispy pita chips with artichoke dip and topped with tomatoes, onions, shredded parmesan, and basil. I also recommend the portabella mushroom sandwich, which combines a big grilled mushroom with goat cheese, avocado, spinach, and sprouts. 

Best Pizzas in Asheville: Fresh Wood Fired Pizza

With a long and fun menu, you’ll be able to find regular flavors, but the most adventurous eaters among you will enjoy either of these popular Asheville Italian restaurants. 

8. Choose From Every Kind of Cheesy Goodness at Pizza Mind

I discovered Pizza Mind while having a beer at next-door-neighbor Archetype Brewing, and they are buddies to the extent that people frequently buy their pizzas and head to the outdoor patio at Archetype to sip while they snack. 

Every Pizza Mind specialty pie offers a variety of flavorings that make it tasty. I find some of them really delightful and new, like the Happy Wheel, a sesame-seed-crust pie with garlic oil, ground beef, white onion, sharp cheddar, lettuce, pickle, and a special sauce, like a true burger in a pie. 

If you don’t happen to be the pizza person in the group, you might consider the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, a delicious sandwich made with roasted red pepper-balsamic aioli, spinach, onions, feta, and mascarpone. Every flavorful menu item is well-attuned and balanced, ready to be your flavor favorite. 

9. Experience Small Town Charm at Blue Mountain Pizza in Weaverville

Must Try Pizza Places in Asheville, NC: Blue Mountain Pizza
Image courtesy of Blue Mountain Pizza

In a low, picturesque building with a front porch, you’ll find one of the best-kept pizza secrets of the Asheville area, just a few miles north of the city in Weaverville. Blue Mountain Pizza offers handmade pizzas, homemade ice cream, and lots of live music and special events to the community, making them one of the hubs of the Weaverville community and a great gathering place. 

Start with a bowl of Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda Bisque or the Blue Mountain Salad topped with gorgonzola, mandarin oranges, and honey-lime vinaigrette. Or, just jump right in for the main show: a White Album pizza covered in alfredo, roma tomatoes, broccoli, and portabella mushrooms, or the Parrot Head featuring ham, bacon, and pineapple. 

Anyone not in the mood for a slice or two can grab sandwiches, pastas, or quesadillas. One of the options I love is the “take and bake,” where you take the uncooked pie, finish it out at home, and have oven-ready pizza in your own house for movie night or game night. Delish!

10. Try a Top Notch Pie at 828 Family Pizzeria

828 Family Pizzeria has a cozy nook in a shopping center with The Fresh Market and Wild Birds Unlimited, but when you walk in, you may feel like you’ve been transported somewhere entirely different – the interior is dim and intimate, cute and cozy. 

While 828 has been around since 1994, the family business has been New York-style pizza since 1933. The Italian favorites on their menu focus on familiar flavors executed at the highest level: whether you opt for a Greek Stromboli full of spinach, red onion, olives, sliced tomato, and feta cheese or a Barbecue Pizza where the barbecue sauce replaces the traditional tomato sauce, you’ll enjoy every flavor present. 

This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Asheville, so don’t miss their sandwiches, pastas, or salads if you happen to come in without being in the mood for pizza – though their pizza is pretty irresistible!

11. Stromboli or Pizza? You Decide at Del Vecchios

Best Pizzas in Asheville: Del Vecchios
Image courtesy of Del Vecchios

This Italian classic in North Asheville gives you the option for all the Italian classics, and in addition to a huge list of potential pizza toppings, you can get your bread-cheese-and-more fix with a calzone or a stromboli too, both baked to perfection – try the huge family-sized stromboli that serves 6-8 people! 

You have more crust options: there’s Chicago “stuffed” pizza, more like a pie than any pizza I’ve ever seen, with a deep-dish crust, fillings and cheese, another crust, then a rooftop of marinara! There’s also hot and cold sandwiches, Italian pasta favorites, starters, and desserts – the options are endless at Del Vecchios

12. Feed the Family at Standard Pizza Company

The two locations of Standard Pizza Company offer a great opportunity to nosh when you’re visiting West Asheville or seeing the Biltmore. The simple menu, comfortable space, and accommodating staff make this restaurant a good place to feed a crew. 

Start with breadsticks or salads, then decide whether you all want to split a pie or order by the slice. They have the familiar pizza toppings and a few specialty pizzas, including Cuban, Margherita, Supreme, Garden, and White pizzas. 

They do have a gluten-free crust available for those who prefer to eat no gluten, though it’s prepared in a facility with wheat flour, so it may not be suitable for those with Celiac disease. 

13. Grab a Brew with Your Slice at Grata Pizzeria

Must Try Pizza Places in Asheville, NC: Grata Pizzaria
Image courtesy of Grata Pizzeria

One cool trend in brewery culture is the idea of putting a restaurant in the same space, and one of the best pizza restaurants in Asheville is actually inside UpCountry Brewing in West Asheville. 

Grata Pizzeria focuses on great ingredients, from Carolina Ground Flour to meats from Hickory Nut Gap. They make a sourdough crust, and you’ll be able to tell that they are cooked in an open-flame oven, giving them that deliciously crispy outside and characteristic tangy and chewy inside. Their menu pays homage to their brewery neighbors, like how they use spent grain from the beer production process to make an awesome appetizer bread. 

The menu has many of the classics but also fun surprises, like the ability to get a drizzle of firecracker honey, truffle oil, or balsamic glaze on top and the fact that they carry DARE vegan cheese and gluten-free crusts to allow for a wider range of dietary restrictions and preferences to eat their tasty pies. 

I particularly like that they create a new Farmer’s Market pie each week, specifically inspired by what they find when they go to buy ingredients that week. When it comes to Asheville pizza, it’s as seasonal and local as a pie can get. 

14. Try Flavorful Pizzas in South Asheville at Black Bear Pizza

Alongside many of the Italian restaurants of Asheville, Black Bear Pizza makes sure to dish up both tasty pies and a variety of subs, pastas, burgers, and salads, ensuring that almost anyone can enjoy their experience. 

Try the Cheesy Eggplant specialty pie, topped with red onions, mozzarella, cheddar jack cheese, and eggplant, or opt for a Porkapalooza that features smoked bacon, ham, and Italian sausage on the same pie. 

Still not quite full after your meal? Their dessert menu features chocolate peanut butter cake, cheesecake, cannoli, and so much more – your sweet tooth and your savory tooth will never be in a happier place together.

15. Find Out-of-this-World Tastes at Galactic Pizza

If you long for the excitement and fun of a neighborhood pizza place from your youth, Galactic is the spot for you. Their arcade will make you feel like you’re back in your childhood, facing down Pac-Man or little aliens. 

In Southwest Asheville, this spot is a treat to find outside the city center, and you’ll love both the familiar favorites and the fun extras. Try an order of Spaceballs, fried dough balls full of toppings and cheese, or the Galactic Banh Mi Pizza, featuring sweet chili chicken, pickled red onion, jalapeño, pineapple, and cilantro. 

There are also tasty sandwiches like their meatball hoagie on french bread and salads and wings – something for everyone in your spaceship! 

16. Pair Your Pizza With Smoked Wings at Fahrenheit Pizza & Brewhouse

Fahrenheit Pizza & Brewhouse was singled out as some of the best pizza in the country recently, and many locals who haven’t yet tried it should definitely do so because this place dishes up some of the best pizza in Asheville. 

This spot features a “pour your own beer” system that charges you by the amount of beer you drink (dangerous, maybe, but so fun!). Then eat a piece of authentic New York pizza made in the innovative pizza oven with a rotating pizza stone inside. 

You’ll find flavor standbys but also creative additions to the pizza panoply like a Vodka pizza made with vodka cream sauce, peas, mushrooms, prosciutto, cheese, and olive oil, or the Arugula pizza that is ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, arugula, prosciutto and topped with a balsamic glaze. 

Fahrenheit has perfected their smoked wings too, and they offer various seasoning styles, including buffalo, BBQ, garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, salt and vinegar, and hot honey garlic (a true feast for the senses!). 

17. Try an Erwin-Area Classic at Papas Pizza

Papa’s Pizza takes pride in their family-owned and operated shop, running their from-scratch kitchen since 2002. They value consistency and quality, from the fried mushrooms on the appetizer menu to the salads and subs on fresh bread with high-quality deli meats. 

For your pizza needs, try a Meat Delight with a long list of meats (pepperoni, homemade Italian sausage, ham, hamburger, salami, and bacon) or a light White Pizza made with ricotta, chopped garlic, and mozzarella. You can also make your own by adding the toppings you prefer to a small, medium, or large pizza. Papas is ready to be your local source for great pizza and Italian food. 

18. Cater Your Pizza Dreams With Pizza Daddy

Best Pizza Places in Asheville: Pizza Daddy
Images courtesy of Camilla Calnan Photography

While Pizza Daddy really isn’t technically a pizza restaurant in Asheville, we thought it’d be a great addition because you’ll likely see their iconic mobile oven at various places around town and might want to know what they’re all about. 

With the tagline “Napoli to your Neighborhood,” Pizza Daddy offers a mobile pizza oven that shows up at markets, festivals, and breweries and sells tasty, fire-grilled Naples-style pizza, often in flavors like pepperoni or margherita. 

While in late 2022 they were focusing primarily on catering and doing fewer appearances, they are a great feature if you’ve been trying to figure out food for a local Asheville wedding or another gathering. 

There you have it! The 18 best pizza places in Asheville. What are your go-to places for the best pizza in Asheville? Let us know so we can give them a try!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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