The Best Coffee Shops in Asheville, North Carolina
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The 15 Best Coffee Shops in Asheville (and One Amazing Tea Room!)

In the land of all-that-is-local, it only makes sense to step away from the ordinary and try out one of the coolest local coffee shops in Asheville. While you can absolutely get your delicious Panera, Dunkin’, and Starbucks here in town, there are also some homegrown favorites that deliver high marks on flavor, drink variety, and ambiance. 

While most Asheville cafes are open early for your wake-up cup of brew, many are all-day spaces, easy-to-enjoy afternoon hangouts, or even a spot for a late-night pick-me-up with a friend. 

Some have snacks, some have meals, and some have beer and wine in addition to satisfying the craving for caffeine. Just for kicks, we’ve also included one tea shop, just because it’s so special and comes with such a lovely atmosphere. Primarily, though, we’ll hook you up with an Asheville cafe that sources high-quality, delicious coffee, whether you prefer it black or whipped into a coffee milkshake!

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The 15 Best Asheville Coffee Shops

1. High Five Coffee

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops: High Five
Images courtesy of High Five Coffee

High Five has a few different locations, and they rank “high” for me for a few different reasons. First, there really is no more Asheville moment than ordering your latte or cold brew from the little High Five barn-like location on Riverside Drive while only steps away from the French Broad River. 

A wide-open field allows people to let little children and pups run around, and Adirondack chairs stationed under the trees on the banks make for absolutely perfect contemplating spots or a place to sit and sip with a friend. High Five’s Broadway Street location feels urban and hip, and it’s where I love to get adventurous. 

Nearly every month, a new seasonal drink joins the rotation for a while. I had a blackberry cold brew with tonic water that was nothing like any coffee I’ve ever had – and in a good way! Use the big windows to people-watch and the Wi-Fi to get a little work done, all while feeling like you could be in any fun and fancy downtown area. 


2. Odd’s Cafe 

Best Coffee Shops in Asheville: Odd’s Cafe

Odd’s Cafe is quirky and iconic West Asheville at its finest, right in the heart of Haywood Road. On beautiful days, the front window is open, making the space feel more like a treehouse, and there’s always some fun people-watching in this pedestrian-popular zone of the city. 

The menu features most of the popular espresso drinks but also a few things that are “a little odd,” which might be worth trying: a vanilla coffee tonic makes coffee carbonated, and their in-house-made golden milk is a turmeric-rich steamed milk drink that is full of health benefits when you need a caffeine-free drink. 

They’re open later than a lot of cafes in Asheville and make for a nice evening stop-by if you need a pick-me-up before getting dinner somewhere in West Asheville. Check out the patio out back and feel like you’ve stepped out of the hubbub of the city entirely. 

While all the pastry treats are popular, they have a particularly excellent bagel supplier. They may not feel like they are off a bagel cart from NYC exactly, but they are super delicious with a chewy texture. 

Location: 800 Haywood Road, Suite 110, Asheville

3. Gallivant Coffee

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops: Gallivant Coffee
Images courtesy of Gallivant Coffee

Gallivant Coffee takes sustainability and a commitment to nature pretty seriously. Their Asheville coffee shop is all vegan, i.e. that latte is going to come with something like oat, soy, or coconut milk – no dairy need apply. 

The cute, industrial-chic shop is big on charm and friendly vibes, with regulars constantly stopping in and chatting with the kind owners. The owner forages elements for their house-made syrups on his own land and creates new seasonal lattes and other drinks frequently. 

You’ll want to stop by the pastry case for one of their various vegan sweets and savory pastries baked fresh daily. Be aware that there is limited parking on-site, but you can park kitty-corner from the building in an open lot at the intersection of Elkwood and Lakeshore. 

If you have gluten-free folks in your visiting party, Gallivant often has gluten-sensitive pastries, and they take dietary restrictions seriously, offering a variety of alternative types of milk. They roast their own beans from hand-selected micro-lots from small growers, so picking up a box or bag to go is a great gift or souvenir. 

Lastly, if you happen to be local, consider joining their bean subscription club or getting a reusable glass to-go cup so you can reduce waste when you’re getting your caffeine fix. 

Location: 126 Elkwood Avenue, #102, Woodfin 

4. Allgood Coffee

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops: Allgood Coffee

Allgood Coffee has embraced the trend toward making the best coffee shops in Asheville also a bit of an art gallery. One of the baristas has a stunning eye for photography and posts prints that are for sale or for display. A local wood craftsman has created many of the details of the space and displays cutting boards, wooden furniture, and other handicrafts for sale. 

Allgood will make you feel seen and like you are part of the family. Weaverville is still a small community to the north of Asheville despite being only minutes from downtown, and it seems like I’m always seeing friends and neighbors greeting each other in the Allgood seating area. 

Local bagels and a few other hot food options keep visitors full and happy while Eric serves up knowledgeable info on the roasts he sources for the shop. Much like many of the other neighborhood coffee shops in Asheville, Allgood is a great example of a meeting place for the community, and even if you’re only in town for a few days, check the community bulletin board or the publications since you might find a little-known class or activity that will end up being your favorite memory of Western NC! 

Location: 10 S. Main Street, Weaverville

5. Dynamite Roasting

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops: Dynamite Roasting
Images courtesy of Heather Hambor Photography

Black Mountain, a small town east of Asheville, is popular among the antique-shopping crowds and is popular with hikers for its proximity to Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak in NC. Dynamite Roasting is Black Mountain’s coffee claim to fame, with their fair trade, organic beans showing up in the best coffee shops in Asheville all over the area. 

Dynamite’s flagship coffee shop features a coffee bean vending machine on the front porch, so even if you stop by when they aren’t open, you can still get your fix, albeit in bean form. Dynamite Roasting has covered both their shop and their production roasting facility with solar panels, making each cup of coffee even more sustainable than you might find elsewhere. 

Go to Coffee Shops in Asheville: Dynamite Roasting

The shop also has outdoor seating to take in the breathtaking nearby forests and mountains while you try one of the many different blends and single-origin roasts. There’s something for everyone and often something new to try.

Location: 3198 US-70, Black Mountain 

6. Izzy’s Coffee Den

Fun Coffeeshops in Asheville: Izzy's Coffee Den

The West Asheville location of this popular Asheville coffee shop feels like a house, with both a main floor and an upstairs that have nooks and smaller rooms to enjoy. Plenty of homey furniture and a front porch overlooking Haywood Street make it a great place to people-watch or catch up with a friend. 

Both locations of Izzy’s are full of art, from designs on the front of Izzy’s downtown location to wall hangings of all kinds in both shops. Taste a special latte – like the spicy Mexican Mocha, the Cardamom Rose Latte, or a Lavender Chai Latte – and see how you could drink your caffeine differently. 

Go to Coffeeshops in Asheville: Izzy's Coffee Den

They feature a popular South American tea called Maté, which is famous for its distinctive flavor and excellent jolt of high-quality energy. Wine and beer are also available, making the Coffee Den a good spot to stop later in the day if you and your crew are not in agreement on alcohol or caffeine at this current moment.  

Location: 976 Haywood Road, Asheville

7. Bebettes New Orleans Coffeehouse

Go to Coffee Shops in Asheville: Bebettes

If you’ve been missing the chicory-tinged milky goodness of a New Orleans cafe au lait, stop by the Grove Arcade for a visit to Bebettes. If you’ve never been to the Big Easy, chicory coffee is a New Orleans classic, adding a woody nuttiness when it is used in place of or as part of a coffee blend. 

Bebettes menu is simple, as is their location, but like others, they aim to serve the best coffee in Asheville, and the signature beignets do all the talking. Fluffy, hot pillows of fried dough, beignets are offered in original (just powdered sugar as a topping), churro (with cinnamon), and chocolate (with syrup drizzled over the top). 

Go all the way with “monster” beignets that have all the toppings! There is minimal seating, so getting your treats in a bag to go is a great way to warm up your hands and stomach as you enjoy the Grove Arcade or wander down Wall Street. Grab a lot of napkins, though – these treats are sticky and the powdered sugar is ample!

Location: 1 Page Avenue, Suite 111, Asheville

8. Pennycup Coffee

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops to Work From: Pennycup Coffee

With four locations as I write this, Pennycup Coffee’s distinctive roasts have taken Asheville by storm. They specialize in both single-origin roasts, using beans from only one country, as well as tasty and balanced blends that incorporate beans from different places to create a unified flavor. 

Their logo shows a handshake with a person holding a piece of an espresso maker, showcasing their commitment to source the “finest, sustainably grown green coffee and roast it to [their] exacting standards in Asheville, North Carolina.” 

They use their social media to share the stories of the many farmers they work with to purchase the absolutely top-notch micro-lots of high-quality coffee beans, giving their coffee shop visitors a taste of what it is like to truly buy based on what they believe. 

The shops each have a slightly different vibe to them, so you might want to check out each one, but all have space to set up and drink your coffee while working on a laptop or having a chat with a friend, so you really can’t go wrong. 


(All locations are in Asheville)

9. Double D’s Coffee & Desserts

Best Coffee Shops in Asheville: Double D’s Coffee & Dessert

It’s typical to wander down the streets of any small city and see different heights and styles of architecture, but few people expect what they find when they hit Double D’s Coffee & Dessert

This Asheville staple is a coffee shop housed entirely inside a double-decker bus! On the first floor, place your order at the counter and watch the baristas whip up a drink or serve up a snack. You can then take the narrow stairs up to sit at one of the upstairs tables or enjoy the small courtyard with plenty of additional seating on a nice day.

In my opinion, the best seat in the house is at the very front of the top level of the bus, where a bus-wide window lets you watch the foot traffic out on Biltmore Avenue while you reminisce, catch up, or just sip your tasty beverage.  

Location: 41 Biltmore Ave, Asheville

10. Rowan Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Asheville: Rowan Coffee
Images courtesy of Rowan Coffee

Imagine a coffee shop that looks just a bit like what you’d imagine a coffee shop in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth would look like – dark wood, stately decor, and a general feeling of “tavern” pervade in Rowan Coffee. Pair that with tables and chairs that would be at home in any cafe in Europe, and you’ve got all the ambiance you need for a delicious cup of java in an Asheville cafe. 

They design mixed concoctions that feature coffee in some way that are as delicate as cocktails but without the booze. Consider the Bloody Basil: according to their Instagram page, it contains blood orange juice, basil syrup, espresso, tonic, and fresh basil. It’s just as energizing as a latte but with a totally new flavor. 

On weekends, come hungry for their sweet or savory waffles or select whatever looks most tempting from the pastry case. There’s Wi-Fi, as there is in many coffee shops, and this centrally-located spot can be a nice place to get a little work done before running errands or exploring downtown. 

Location: 66 Broadway Street, Asheville

11. Asheville Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops in Asheville: Asheville Coffee Roasters

Woodfin, a small town right on the border with the North of Asheville, offers a charming, calmer version of Asheville, right down to its adorable long-time standby Asheville Coffee Roasters. The shop is a simple walk-up window at a shopping center, so don’t come with a laptop and plan to sit a while, but if you want a cup of coffee and a tasty bagel to go, this is easily one of the best Asheville coffee shops.

It’s also a good place for whole beans if you want something to brew at home: the owners have been roasting in Asheville for more than 15 years. If you were looking to get the caffeine lover a gift to commemorate your trip to Asheville, there’s no better takeaway coffee in Asheville. 

Location: 85 Weaverville Highway, Woodfin 

12. Ultra CoffeBar

Asheville, North Carolina Coffee Shops: Ultra Coffeebar
Images courtesy of Ultra Coffebar

Ultra Coffeebar’s River Arts District location makes it a perfect stop when you’re off to explore a variety of artist studios or take a nice bike ride or walk along the French Broad River. With meticulously prepared espresso drinks and a big case full of sweet and savory foods, you’ll find something for everyone in your group to warm up and get energized. 

This hip space features industrial-chic and minimalist looks and has Wi-Fi if you need to jump on to check your email, but be aware that the seating area is fairly small, and the space can fill up quickly with folks waiting for their to-go orders. With so much lovely nature just a stone’s throw away, Ultra is a great pit stop before additional adventures. 

Location: 242 Clingman Avenue, Asheville

13. Farewell

The bright white and bare look of Farewell feels a bit more like a contemporary art museum than like a coffee shop, but don’t be fooled. The coffee is every bit as scrumptious here, and the pastries are delicious. The selection is usually just a few items, but everything I’ve had was fresh and incredible. 

Consider their array of light tapas-style snacks as well: from olive oil toast to candied nuts, the simple offerings are artfully created for an elegant experience. Consider a drink with their house-made honey rose syrup, a cup of complex and delicious aged Puerh tea, or a glass of their various wines. The simple space seems to breed good conversation but is also a good place to settle into your latest book from downtown booksellers like Malaprop’s

Location: 11 Southside Avenue, Asheville 

14. Grind AVL

Best Coffee Shops in Asheville: Grind AVL

Grind AVL is definitely excellent coffee served up in the heart of the River Arts District, but it is also part of a wider vision. Their mission is “Coffee is our unifier to start, grow, and support businesses, owners, and networks to build Black Wall Street.” 

A Black-owned enterprise, this Asheville cafe serves a social goal of building Black entrepreneurship. The walls are filled with art from local African-American artists, and a display of important historical figures in African-American history rotates, offering interesting facts to visitors to the coffee shop. 

Tasty pastries, high-quality coffee, and a variety of specialty drinks draw in visitors, and there is plenty of comfy seating for people who want to get some work done on a laptop within easy distance of more snacks and drinks. 

Seasonal items like the Mint Mocha Matcha, the Dandelion Peach Tea, and Green Tea with Pomegranate are popular with guests, but come get them while they’re around – new seasonal offerings can pop up to replace them at any time!

Location: 346 Depot Street, Asheville

15. Liberty House Coffee and Cafe

Restaurants that are Dog Friendly in Asheville: Liberty House Café

Located just down the street from the Asheville Yoga Center in a not-quite-named but still-growing wellness district of town, Liberty House Coffee and Cafe offers a rotating menu of highly local and often quite healthy food options in addition to excellent coffee. 

They made the choice to prioritize their space as one for relaxation and conversation and stopped offering Wi-Fi, but believe me, it’ll just add to your experience if you let the full flavors of your food and drink take precedence for just a little while. On warm days, the outdoor patio is lush and inviting. 

Be aware that while the Monday-Friday menu tends to stay the same, the weekend is where a seasonal and constantly changing array of dishes come out. If the butternut squash salad is available when you happen to visit, consider yourself blessed! The weekend is a good time to trust that the chefs have assembled something truly delightful for you to try. 

If you’re looking for cool cafes in Asheville, you can’t go wrong with Liberty House!

Location: 221 S Liberty St, Asheville 

16. Dobrá Tea

cool coffee shops in asheville dobra tea

So, not everyone is in the market for coffee when they are surveying the best cafes in Asheville. That’s why we wanted one tea-exclusive option for you, and Dobrá Tea is the place for it. First, the tearooms aim for an Eastern ambiance that is great for taking a deep breath during a big day of sightseeing or a long day of business meetings. 

They offer a huge variety of teas, all hand-selected to be the best you’ve had: from green to white to yellow to black to special Pu-erh and herbal teas. To take advantage of their exper-tea-se, consider the special blends that they’ve created onsite, including Memories of Prague, Authentic Indian Chai, Sweet Smell of Jerusalem, and more. 

The tearooms also offer special events that teach you about tea meditation, how to brew tea correctly, and how to taste tea and notice all its complexity. Consider getting your friends together to learn more about tea and get a recommendation for one of their 100+ loose-leaf teas to take home with you. It’ll be a way to keep tasting your visit to Asheville for weeks to come. 


There you have it! The 15 best coffee shops in Asheville. What are your favorite Asheville cafes? Let us know so we can check them out!


Laura finally got to move to Asheville in 2021 after a decade of visits and hangouts here. She loves the food, the coffee shops, and the riverfront in Asheville. Laura is always finding something new and wonderful to try.

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